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Fall 2013 - AU Campus Store - 
Course Type Title Syl Cr Instructor Cur Lim Days Rm From To
LAW-795W-001 Acad Lgl Writing x 1 Bain-Butler     W 500 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-601-001 Administrative Law x 3 Niles     TTh 101 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-601-002 Administrative Law x 3 Lubbers     MW 100 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-601-003 Administrative Law x 3 Leiter     MW 602 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-770A-001 Administrative Law Review   1              
LAW-772D-001 Administrative Law Review   4              
LAW-770B-001 Administrative Law Review I   2              
LAW-771A-001 Administrative Law Review II   1              
LAW-771B-001 Administrative Law Review II   2              
LAW-772A-001 Administrative Law Review III   1              
LAW-772B-001 Administrative Law Review III   2              
LAW-772C-001 Administrative Law Review III   3              
LAW-993-001 Adoption Law, Policy&Practice x 3 Maskew     M 516 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-700A-001 Adv Admin Law Sem   2 Popper     W 526 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-706-001 Adv Civ Pro: Complex Litigation   2 Corr     W 526 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-707B-001 Adv Con Law:Marshall-Brennan   3 Ahranjani     W 601 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-659A-001 Adv EU Law, Policy and Diplomacy x 2 Nicola     T 314 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-008 Adv Extshp Sem   1 CANCELLED            
LAW-769-009 Adv Extshp Sem   1 Rogers     T 116 06:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-769-010 Adv Extshp Sem   1 R. Wallace     W 415 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-011 Adv Extshp Sem   1 N. Wilson     W 351 06:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-739B-001 Adv Hmn Rgts Sem x 3 Mendez     TTh 528 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-980-001 Adv Int Law:Law&Pce Negot   3 P. Williams     T 601 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-795L-001 Adv Intl Advcy Sem   2 Newcombe, Hamann     Th 440 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-817-001 Adv Intl Trade Policy: Theory & Practice   3 CANCELED            
LAW-929-001 @ Adv Lgl Rsrch
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Postar     M 103 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-984A-001 Adv Trial Ad:Obligations of Prosecutors x 2 Acosta, Wennar     M 500 07:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-795P-001 @ Agriculture & Sustainability
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Eubanks     M 527 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-754-010 Alexandria Va Pd Suprv Extshp (co-req: LAW-795V-001) x 3 CANCELLED            
LAW-614-001 @ Alt Dispute Resoltn
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Bender     T 501 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-641-001 American Indian Law x 3 Rosser     TTh 527 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-580-001 American Legal Institutions (LLM only)   2 Berenson     W 101 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795O-001 @ Anti-Corruption Law
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Boswell     T 313 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-692-001 Antitrust Law x 4 Baker, J.     TTh 103 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-847-001 @ Appell Advcy
This course has a Wait List
  3 Bondy     M 501 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-847-002 Appell Advcy   3 Samberg-Champion     T 314 06:30PM 08:20PM
LAW-847-003 @ Appell Advcy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Olderman     W 527 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-982-001 Appl of Intl Arb Fundamntls   3 M. Jaffe, McKay     Th 415 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-656-001 Asylum & Refugee Law   3 McConnell     TTh 103 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-857-001 @ Banking Law & Regulation
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Madden     W 602 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-774-001 Bioethics   3 Gertner     W 526 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-972-001 BIT Arbitration   2 Alexandrov, Carlson     T 100 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-611-001 Business Associations   4 Effross     MW 101 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-611-002 Business Associations   4 Siegel     TTh 402 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-611-003 @ Business Associations
This course has a Wait List
  4 Wallace, P.     MW 101 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-611-004 @ Business Associations
This course has a Wait List
  4 Anderson, K.     MW 402 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-917B-001 Business Law Review   2              
LAW-917A-001 Business Law Review I   1              
LAW-918A-001 Business Law Review II   1              
LAW-918B-001 Business Law Review II   2              
LAW-919A-001 Business Law Review III   1              
LAW-919B-001 Business Law Review III   2              
LAW-919C-001 Business Law Review III   3              
LAW-919D-001 Business Law Review III   4              
LAW-704-001 Busnss Plng & Secur Regul x 3 Eule     Th 627 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-959-001 Busnss Transac in Latin Ame x 2 Figueroa Hernand     Th 314 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-933-001 Civ Rghts and Remedies x 3 M. Gross     T 500 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-695-001 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Rupp, Stein     M 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-851-001 Climate Change and the Law x 3 Snape     MW 601 12:00PM 01:20PM
LAW-810A-001 Comm Law & Info Policy x 2 Phillips     T 503 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-768-001 Commnity Econ Dev Clin   4 Bennett, Smetak            
LAW-756-003 Commnity/Econ Dev Clin Sem   3 Bennett, Smetak     W   09:00AM 01:00PM
LAW-813-001 Compar Env Law   3 Hunter     M 103 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-621-001 Conflict of Laws x 3 Robbins     MW 524 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-503-001 Constitutional Law (JD only)   4 Raskin     TTh 401 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-623-001 @ Copyright
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Jaszi     MW 524 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-795IH-001 Corp,Govt,NonProft Inst Cnsl   2 Buckley, Negroni     T 516 06:00PM 08:10PM
LAW-860-001 Crim Def: Theory & Prac   3 Davis     TTh 445 04:00PM 05:20PM
LAW-756-004 Crim Jstc Clin Sem-Defense   3 Miller, Roberts     T   09:30AM 12:50PM
LAW-756-005 Crim Jstc Clin Sem-Prosecution   3 Bach     T   06:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-761-001 Crim Jstc Clin: Defense   4 Miller, Roberts            
LAW-761-002 Crim Jstc Clin: Prosecution   2 Bach            
LAW-694-001 @ Crim Trial Advcy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Sullivan, Schmitt     M 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-694-002 Crim Trial Advcy x 3 Mason, Helfand     T 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-694-003 Crim Trial Advcy x 3 Raker, Fredrickson     T 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-694-004 Crim Trial Advcy x 3 Aaronson, Hillyer     W 528 09:30AM 12:10PM
LAW-694-005 Crim Trial Advcy x 3 Christian, Creighton     W 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-694-006 @ Crim Trial Advcy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Woodward, Algeo     W 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-694-007 Crim Trial Advcy x 3 Beard, Gansler     Th 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-508-001 Criminal Procedure I x 3 Daskal     TTh 503 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-508-002 @ Criminal Procedure I
This course has a Wait List
  3 Davis     TTh 524 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-508-003 Criminal Procedure I   3 Kittrie     MW 524 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-508-004 @ Criminal Procedure I
This course has a Wait List
  3 Jones     MW 503 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-508-005 @ Criminal Procedure I
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Zachem     TTh 100 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-508-006 @ Criminal Procedure I
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Bair, Barbera     M 503 07:30PM 10:00PM
LAW-508-007 @ Criminal Procedure I
This course has a Wait List
x 3 McGovern     MW 101 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-508-008 Criminal Procedure I x 3 Troccoli     T 101 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-682-001 @ U Critical Race Theory
This course has a Wait List
  3 Epperson     M 501 01:00PM 03:40PM
LAW-667-001 @ Cyberlaw
This course has a Wait List
  2 Carroll, M.     T 602 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-751-001 DC Civ Lit Clin:Law Stdnts Ct   3 Pettus            
LAW-757-001 DC Law Stdnt in Ct: Clin Sem   2 Pettus            
LAW-754-011 DC Public Defend Suprsvn Ext (co-req: LAW-795D-001)   3 CANCELLED            
LAW-756-006 Disab Rghts Clin Sem   3 Dinerstein, J. Harris     W   09:30AM 12:30PM
LAW-764-001 Disab Rghts Law Clin   4 Dinerstein, J. Harris            
LAW-637-001 Domstc Violence   2 Myers     M 526 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-988-001 Drafting Wills and Trusts   2 Abravanel     Th 516 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-994-001 @ eDiscovery
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Austrian, Racich     W 314 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-690-001 @ U Education Law
This course has a Wait List
  2 Epperson     W 500 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-664-001 @ Emplymnt & Labor Law
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Datz     Th 601 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-668-001 Emplymnt Discrim x 3 Carle     MW 601 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-642-001 @ Entertainment Law
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Bruns, Platzer     W 415 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-629-001 Env Law   3 Breen     M 100 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-633-001 Evidence   4 Goode Works     TTh 602 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-633-002 Evidence   4 Correia     TTh 100 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-633-003 Evidence x 4 C. Stein     MW 524 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-968-002 Evidentiary Founda & Objctns (prereqs under Notices on course page) x 3 Boals, Lippy     M 528 01:30PM 04:10PM
LAW-878-001 Expert Scientific Evidence x 3 Grimm     W 500 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-899-001 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-002 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-003 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-004 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-005 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-006 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-007 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-008 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-009 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-899-010 Extshp Component   1              
LAW-636-001 Family Law x 3 Polikoff     MW 601 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-636-002 Family Law   3 Saez     W 401 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-782-001 Family Law: Chldrn of LGBT Parents Sem x 2 Polikoff     T 627 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-639-001 Fed Corp Income Tax x 3 Pike     TTh 504 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-647-001 Fed Persnl Income Tax x 4 Leff     MW 602 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-647-002 Fed Persnl Income Tax   4 Kempler     MW 100 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-647-003 Fed Persnl Income Tax x 4 Rothenberg     TTh 524 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-756-011 Fed Tax Clin Sem   3 Abramowitz, Mueller     T   09:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-643-001 Federal Courts x 4 Frost     TTh 402 03:30PM 05:20PM
LAW-605-001 First Amendment x 3 Marcus     MW 524 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-795FD-001 @ U Food & Drug Law Writing Seminar
This course has a Wait List
  2 Grossman, L.     T 627 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795N-001 Gend & Intl & Compar Law   2 Tabak     T 314 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-752-001 General Prac Clin   4 Milstein, Green Coleman            
LAW-752-002 General Prac Clin   3 Ugelow            
LAW-752-003 General Practice Clinic   4 Chavkin            
LAW-756-001A Genrl Practice Clin Sem   3 Milstein, Green Coleman     TTh   02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-756-001B Genrl Practice Clin Sem   2 Ugelow     W 527 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-756-001C Genrl Practice Clin Sem   3 Chavkin     TTh 445 02:00PM 04:00PM
LAW-795GE-001 Global Economic Governance   2 Levinson     Th 500 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-654-001 Govt Contracts   3 W. Carroll, Harty     MW 503 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-700B-001 Govt Inform Law & Policy   3 Metcalfe     TTh 501 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-640-001 Health Law x 4 Goldberg, Silverman     TTh 351 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-719B-001 Hlth Care Fraud & Abuse   3 Scielzo     W 103 10:30AM 01:10PM
LAW-719A-001 HlthLaw:Legisla&Reg Process x 2 McConagha, Bath     W 503 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-626-001 Hmn Rghts   3 Martin, Rodriguez-Pinzon     MW 503 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-739A-001 Hmn Rgts & Terrorism Sem x 3 Goldman     TTh 103 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-712B-001 Hmn Rgts Litgtn Fieldwork   2 Beydoun            
LAW-712A-001 Hmn Rgts Litigtn Sem   2 Beydoun, Palmer     M 445 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795HR-001 HmnRgts:Global Disability Rghts   2 Harris, H., Lord     W 314 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795Q-001 @ Human Rights and Environment
This course has a Wait List
  2 Redford     Th 351 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795I-001 Human Rights: Theory to Practice   3 Del Aguila     Th 313 01:30PM 04:10PM
LAW-795H-001 Humphrey Fellows Rsrch Sem   2 Ala'i     M 445 12:00PM 01:50PM
LAW-967-001 Immgr Iss: Famly&Emplymnt x 2 Lawrence     Th 527 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-759-001 Immigrant Jstc Clin   4 Rathod, Sinha            
LAW-756-012 Immigrant Justice Clinic Sem   3 Rathod, Sinha     Th   09:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-795T-001B Immigrant Women Law & Policy Project (Co-req: LAW-795T-001) x 1-3 Orloff, R. Molina     TBD      
LAW-795T-001 Immigrant Women Law & Policy Sem (co-req: LAW-795T-001B) x 2 Orloff, R. Molina     M 445 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795Y-001 Immigration Law & Ethics x 2 Fresco     W 445 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-655-001 Immigrtn & Naturalztn x 3 Rathod     TTh 524 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-655-001B Immigrtn & Naturalztn (meets 3:00-4:20 TTH; until 5:20 only on Thursday) x 4 Rathod     TTh 524 03:00PM 05:20PM
LAW-658-001 Insurance Law x 2 Dipietro     M 415 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-927-001 Int'l Trafficking in Persons x 3 Chuang     MW 503 10:00AM 11:20AM
LAW-758-001 Intellctl Prop Clin   4 Phillips, Jaszi, TBD            
LAW-756-007 Intellctl Prop Clin Sem   3 Phillips, Jaszi, TBD     Th   09:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-660-001 International Law x 3 Goldman     TTh 503 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-660-002 International Law   3 Orentlicher     W 101 03:00PM 05:40PM
LAW-699-001 Intl & Compar Antitrust   3 Miller, T.     MW 627 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-963-001 Intl & Compar Patent Law x 2 Santamauro, Keating     Th 627 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-727-001 Intl Banking   3 Comizio     TTh   09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-848-001 Intl Business Litigation & Federal Practice   2 Paz, Benitez     M 627 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-990-001 @ Intl Busnss Negotiations
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Frankel     M 415 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-661-001 Intl Busnss Transact   3 Anderson, K.     MW 101 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-789-001 Intl Commerc Arbitr   3 Grigera-Naon, Frutos-Peterson     M 528 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795M-001 Intl Commerc Arbitr Advocacy   2 Boykin, Coniglio     T 314 08:30PM 10:20PM
LAW-736-001 @ Intl Contract Law
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Mattar     Th 602 12:00PM 02:40PM
LAW-738-001 Intl Courts Sem   3 Heywood, Brantley     T 116 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-795C-001 Intl Disaster Relief Sem x 2 Nifosi-Sutton     T 526 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-755-001 Intl Hmn Rghts Clin   4 Wilson, Tabak            
LAW-756-008 Intl Hmn Rghts Clin Sem   3 Wilson, Tabak     Th   01:30PM 04:30PM
LAW-795B-001 Intl Hmn Rgts Advcy   3 Purohit     F 501 09:00AM 11:40AM
LAW-669-001 @ Intl Labor & Emplymnt Law
This course has a Wait List
  2 Herrnstadt     M 415 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-679-001 Intl Law of Foreign Invstmnt   3 Perera     TTh 101 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-765A-001 Intl Law Review I   1              
LAW-765B-001 Intl Law Review I   2              
LAW-766A-001 Intl Law Review II   1              
LAW-766B-001 Intl Law Review II   2              
LAW-767A-001 Intl Law Review III   1              
LAW-767B-001 Intl Law Review III   2              
LAW-767C-001 Intl Law Review III   3              
LAW-767D-001 Intl Law Review III   4              
LAW-989-001 @ Intl Protec of Vulnerable Grp
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Nifosi-Sutton     Th 627 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-973-001 Intl Sales x 3 Snyder     MW 527 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-657-001 Intl Trade Law I   3 Ala'i     TTh 524 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-646-001 Intl Trademark Law   3 Farley     MW 504 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-962A-001 IP Licensing and Technology Transactions x 3 Contreras     MW 103 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-800B-001 Jrnl GenderSoc Poly&Law I   2              
LAW-802D-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law   4              
LAW-800A-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law I   1              
LAW-801A-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law II   1              
LAW-801B-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law II   2              
LAW-802A-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law III   1              
LAW-802B-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law III   2              
LAW-802C-001 Jrnl GenderSocPoly&Law III   3              
LAW-663-001 Jursiprudence   2 Tsai     M 314 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795R-001 Juvenile Justice x 3 Soler, Shoenberg     Th 500 03:00PM 05:40PM
LAW-671-001 Land Transfer and Finance   3 Burke, Mark     TTh 601 08:30AM 09:50AM
LAW-795LT-001 Latinos & the Law   2 CANCELLED            
LAW-672-001 @ Law & Accounting
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Mahoney     Th 528 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-754-009 Law & Government Ext. x 1-6 Tenney            
LAW-795EL-001 Law of Electns: Lobbying&Polit Adv x 2 Schadler, Trister     M 401 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-852-001 Law of Nonprofit Organizations x 2 Leff     M 601 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-721-001 Law of the Sea   3 Orellana, Antrim     T 527 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-822-001 @ Law Plcy & Amerintell Actv Sem
This course has a Wait List
  3 Zirkle     Th 526 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-796A-001 Law Review I   1              
LAW-796B-001 Law Review I   2              
LAW-797A-001 Law Review II   1              
LAW-797B-001 Law Review II   2              
LAW-798A-001 Law Review III   1              
LAW-798B-001 Law Review III   2              
LAW-798C-001 Law Review III   3              
LAW-798D-001 Law Review III   4              
LAW-651-001 Lawyer Bargaining x 3 Liu     S 601 10:00AM 12:40PM
LAW-795Z-001 Leading&Counseling Nonprofit Organizations   1 Garber Siegrist     M 313 04:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795-001 Legal Ethics: Government Lawyers   3 Flug     T 627 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-580-002 Legal Research & Writing (LLM only)   2 Schenker     M 100 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-899-015 Legislative Practice Externship   1-3 Yeomans, Flug, Goodstein            
LAW-777-001 Legislative Practice Seminar (co-req: LAW-769-015) x 3 Yeomans, Flug, Goodstein     Th 501 07:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-849-001 @ Lgl Drafting: Contracts
This course has a Wait List
  2 Shapiro     Th 351 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-096-001 Lgl Eng for Lawyers   0 Hein-Dunne     TTh 527 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-096-002 Lgl Eng for Lawyers   0 Hein-Dunne     TTh 501 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-719C-001 Medical Liability x 2 Bertram     T 602 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-795S-001 Mental Disability and the Law x 2 Pogach     M 445 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-711-001 Mergers & Acquisitns Sem   3 Connolly     M 314 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-795MJ-001 @ Military Courts & Article III
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Vladeck     W 445 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-995A-001 Mock Trial Competition   1              
LAW-995C-001 Mock Trial Competition   1              
LAW-995G-001 Mock Trial Competition   2              
LAW-996A-001 Mock Trial Exec Bd   1              
LAW-996C-001 Mock Trial Exec Bd   1              
LAW-871A-001 Moot Court Competition   1              
LAW-871C-001 Moot Court Competition   1              
LAW-871E-001 Moot Court Competition   2              
LAW-803A-001 Moot Court Exec Bd   1              
LAW-803C-001 Moot Court Exec Bd   1              
LAW-803E-001 Moot Court Exec Bd   2              
LAW-823-001 Mutual Fund & Investment Reg   2 Ragen, Choi     W 403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-616-001 Negotiable Instruments   3 Effross     MW 103 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-685-001 @ Oil & Gas Law
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Nussdorf, McMurray     M 602 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-604-001 Patent & Trademark Appeals x 2 Schoenhard     T 130 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-688-001 Patent Law   3 Anderson, J. Jonas     TTh 602 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-713-001 @ Political Crime & Terrorism
This course has a Wait List
  2 Kittrie     T 415 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-707C-001 Prblems in Democratic Process x 2 Schwartz     W 351 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-649-001 @ Pre-Trial Litigtn
This course has a Wait List
x 3 C. Day, Bruckheim     T 526 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-649-002 @ Pre-Trial Litigtn
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Algeo, Johnson     M 526 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-795F-001 Preventn of Genocide x 2 Mendez     W 501 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-893-001 Public Interest Practice x 2 A. Zisser, D. Zisser     M 504 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-731-001 Real Estate Planning   3 Burke, Horowitz     T 415 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-673-001 Remedies   3 Mueller     MW 504 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-882-001 @ Role of the Fed Prosecutor
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Corn     W DOJ 06:00PM 08:00PM
LAW-839-001 Sales   2 Hughes     W 401 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-840-001 Secured Transctns   3 Hughes     TTh 100 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-612-001 Securities Regultn x 3 Quinn     Th 503 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-999-001 SJD Colloquium x 2 Tenney            
LAW-828-001 SpaceLaw&SatelliteCommun Sem   3 Meredith     M 527 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-750-001 Special Eductn Law x 3 Dubow     T 500 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-997-001 Strategic Litigation Intl Hmn Rghts Law x 2 Saez     Th 415 04:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-769-012 Supervised Ext. Seminar x 3 Dubow     W 504 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-769-001 Supervised Extshp Sem   3 CANCELLED            
LAW-769-002 Supervised Extshp Sem   3 Dimino     M 313 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-003 @ Supervised Extshp Sem
This course has a Wait List
  3 Ahranjani     T 527 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-769-004 Supervised Extshp Sem x 3 Marshall     T 403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-005 Supervised Extshp Sem x 3 Lawlor     W 313 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-769-006 Supervised Extshp Sem   3 Mahan, Blumberg     W 445 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-007 Supervised Extshp Supervision Sem   3 Gowen     Th 403 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-762-001 Tax Clin   3 Abramowitz, Mueller            
LAW-795SC-001 The Roberts Court [may take this class OR the Supreme Court Sem (LAW-707)] x 1 Wermiel     TTh 445 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795U-001 Torture Prohibition in Intl Law   2-4 Grossman, C.; deLaurentiis     TBA      
LAW-795D1-001 TrAdv:Crim Defense-DCPDS   1 Raymond            
LAW-675-001 Transnatnl Litigtn   3 Epstein     TTh 103 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-795D-001 Trial Adv Crim Defnse Sem-DC (co-req: LAW-754-011)   1 Raymond     Th   04:30PM 06:00PM
LAW-795V-001 Trial Adv Crim Defnse Sem-VA (co-req: LAW-754-010) x 1 Douglas     T   03:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-606-001 U.S. Lgl Hist I x 3 May     TTh 501 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-581-001 US Busnss Law (LLM only) x 3 Jacobs, A.     M 601 06:00PM 08:45PM
LAW-503-002 US Constitutional Law (LLM only) x 3 Michelman     T 503 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-507-001 US Criminal Law (LLM only) x 3 Ben Miller     M 101 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-809-001 US Trade Regime x 3 Nicely, Magnus     Th 500 07:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-756-010 Walc Domstc Violnce Clin Sem   3 Nanasi     W   01:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-753-002 Walc Domstc Violnce Clin Sem   4 Nanasi            
LAW-892-001 Wash Lawyer Sem x 2 Lubbers, Yeomans     T 601 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-749-001 @ White Collar Crime
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x 2 Sklamberg     T 601 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-697-001 Wills Trusts Estates   4 Abravanel     MW 500 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-697-002 Wills Trusts Estates   4 Edmisten     TTh 103 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-753-001 Wmn & Law Clin   4 Weinroth, Myers            
LAW-756-009 Wmn & Law Clin Sem   3 Weinroth, Myers, TBD     W   01:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-979-001 Wmn's Lgl Hist x 3 Clark     T 504 09:00AM 11:50PM
LAW-978-001 Women & Conflict   2 SaCouto     M 314 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-729-001 Wrongful Convictions   2 Gilbert     W 501 06:00PM 07:50PM

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