Janie Chuang

Professor of Law

Office: Room Y212
Phone: 202-274-4306
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Professor Chuang teaches courses in international law, human trafficking, labor migration, and international commercial arbitration. In her scholarship, Chuang specializes in international law and policy relating to labor migration and human trafficking. Drawing on this expertise, Chuang has served as an adviser to the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Labor Organization. Chuang has also served as the U.S. Member of the International Law Association’s Feminism and International Law Committee and as a Member of Executive Council of the American Society of International Law. She is a past recipient of the Open Society Fellowship of the Open Society Foundations and a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Conference Grant. Prior to joining AUWCL, Chuang practiced with the law firm of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, representing foreign governments in international litigation/arbitration and pro bono clients in asylum and human rights cases. Before her time at Cleary Gottlieb, Chuang worked as an adviser to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and the U.N. Compensation Commission.

Areas of Specialization

  • Gender and the Law
  • International Commercial Arbitation
  • International Human Rights
  • International Law

Degrees & Universities

  • J.D., Harvard Law School 1998
  • B.A., Yale University 1995

  • Selected Publications

    • Janie Chuang, Exploitation Creep and the Unmaking of Human Trafficking Law, 108 Am. J. Intl. L. 1 (2014).
    • Janie Chuang, The U.S. Au Pair Program: Labor Exploitation and the Myth of Cultural Exchange, 36 Harv. J.L. & Gender 269 (2013).
    • Janie Chuang, Article 6, in Commentary On The Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women (Christine Chinkin, Marsha Freeman & Beate Rudolf, eds., Oxford U. Press 2011).
    • Janie Chuang, Rescuing Trafficking from Ideological Capture: Prostitution Reform and Anti-Trafficking Law and Policy, 158 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1655 (2010).
    • Janie Chuang, Achieving Accountability for Migrant Domestic Worker Abuse, 88 N.C. L. Rev. 1627 (2010).
    • Janie Chuang, The United States as Global Sheriff: Unilateral Sanctions and Human Trafficking, 27 Mich. J. Intl. L. 437 (Winter 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Beyond a Snapshot: Human Trafficking and the Politics of Labor Migration in a Globalized Economy, 13 Ind. J. Global Leg. Stud. 137 (Winter 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Reconceptualizing Trafficking in Women: Definitions, Paradigms, and Contexts, 11 Harv. Hum. Rights J. 65 (1998).
    • + More Publications...

  • + Selected Presentations

    • Janie Chuang, Paper Presentation, Democracy, Gender, and International Law (101st Meeting of the American Society of International Law, Wash., D.C., Mar. 28-31, 2007).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, U.S. Department of State Digital Video Conference on Protection of Trafficking Victims (Broadcast to Taipei & Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Mar. 22, 2007).
    • Janie Chuang, Paper Presentation, Women At the Margins: Law and Policy (University of Michigan Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Ann Arbor, Mich., Mar. 8, 2007).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Implementation of the Inter-American Program for the Promotion and Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants, Including Migrant Workers and Their Families (Organization of American States, Feb. 13, 2007).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, U.S. Funds and Human Trafficking (Issue Forum on Monder Slavery, Hosted by Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, for the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, Dec. 12, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Politics and Policy of Sex Trafficking (Women & Politics Institute, American University Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., Sept. 17, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Webinar, The Role of International Law in Countering Human Trafficking (American Society of International Law, July 26, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, ILA Committee on Feminism and International Law (72nd Biennial Conference of the International Law Association, Toronto, Can., June 7, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Using CEDAW to Address Trafficking in Women (Workshop on Women and Migration, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Toronto, Can., June 3, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Panel Chair, Trafficking in Human Beings: Fighting a Global Problem (Yale Law School, New Haven, Conn., Apr. 3, 2006).
    • Janie Chuang, Roundtable Expert, “Children in Slavery – the 21st Century” Summit (Georgetown University, Wash., D.C., Nov. 14, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, U.S. Unilateral Sanctions and Human Trafficking (Conference on State Responsibility and Human Trafficking, District of Columbia Bar Association and American University, Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., Oct. 28, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Panel Chair, Women and Migration (American Branch of the International Law Association, International Law Weekend, Oct. 22, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang & Anne Gallagher, Speech, Promotion and Implementation of CEDAW with Particular Emphasis on Violence Against Women and Trafficking in Women (Expert Group Meeting before the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thai., Oct. 3-5, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Roundtable Expert, Conference on the Release of the ILO Forced Labour Report (British Broadcasting Corporation & Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 14, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Panel Chair, International Law and Trafficking in Persons (99th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, Apr. 1, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Human Trafficking and U.S. Foreign Policy (Human Rights Symposium: Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy, George Washington University School of Law, Wash., D.C., Mar. 18, 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Trafficking in Women and the Politics of Labor Migration (Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies Symposium on Globalization and the New Politics of Labor, Feb. 11-12 2005).
    • Janie Chuang, Presenter, Trafficking in Persons and the International Legal Framework (Conference on Human Trafficking, American University, Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., Oct. 8, 2004).
    • Janie Chuang, Commentator, Roundtable on the NGO Response to the 2004 U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report (Vital Voices Partnership, July 13, 2004).
    • Janie Chuang, Presentation, Trafficking in Women: The United States as Global Sheriff? (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Annual Feminism and Law Seminar, Toronto, Can., Mar. 30, 2004).
    • Janie Chuang, Speech, FOAI Summit (American Society of Newspaper Editors, Rosslyn, Va., June 2003).
    • Janie Chuang, Presenter on Behalf of the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Negotiations on Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of a Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, Vienna, Austria, July 1999).
    • Janie Chuang, Presenter on behalf of the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, NGO Conference on Trafficking in Persons (Meeting of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, Switz., Apr. 1999).
    • Janie Chuang, Co-Convener (on behalf of Harvard Law School Human Rights Program), Roundtable on the Meaning of “Trafficking in Persons” (International Human Rights Law Group, Wash., D.C., Jan. 29, 1998).
  • + Selected Media Appearances

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