Achievement in the Evening

American University Washington College of Law offers one of the premier part-time law programs committed to ensuring a high-quality education and personal experience for our part-time students. Ranked 8th in the nation, AUWCL's part-time Program provides part-time students with the same breath and depth of courses available to their full-time counterparts. Part-time students are fully integrated in extracurricular activities including moot court, mock trial and alternative dispute resolution honor societies; law journals and law briefs; and participation in our nationally ranked clinics. One of the focuses of the program is to ensure that part-time students can succeed in law school while balancing full-time employment and all of the demand of everyday life.

AUWCL Administrative Office, such as Office of Career and Professional Development, Office of the Registrar, and Office Student Affairs, are dedicated to the unique needs of part-time, evening students. These offices offer unique programs tailored to the needs of part-time students and have a presence on campus during the evenings to services the part-time students. Additionally, the Assistant Dean of the Part-Time Program helps coordinate services and advocates for the needs of part-time students within the Administration.

Washington College of Law’s Part-Time J.D. Ranked Eighth Nationwide

Elizabeth Boals, Assistant Dean for Part-Time and Online Education said, “My students have let me know in no uncertain terms that there is nothing part-time about the work they put into their studies and activities here at the law school.  We are focusing our efforts on ensuring that this amazing group of hard-working individuals have the same exceptional courses and experiences as their full-time counterparts.  We have had a positive response to providing part-time students non-traditional course offerings on weekends, in intensive short courses, and online to answer the demands of their hectic schedules.”

The AUWCL part-time program strives to provide our students with the same courses, services, activities, and experiences as their full time counterparts. In collaboration, with the Registrar’s Offices we have created a multi-year strategic plan for offering courses at night and on weekends that provide part-time students with a breathe and depth of curricular offerings. We reached out to our part-time students for input through surveys and town hall meeting to determine the courses that they are interested in taking while at AUWCL.  We have taken care to provide sections of those courses, and in particular, experiential courses such as clinical offerings, in the evenings to provide part-time students with the necessary opportunities to develop their skills in a learning-by-doing format.

Dean Boals also pointed out the challenges for the future. “We must adapt to the changing J.D. educational landscape, which will include more demand for distance learning and experiential learning opportunities.  One key challenge will be not sacrificing quality for quantity in the distance learning context. Creating online offerings that are of the highest quality and are engaging and dynamic will be one of our priorities moving forward.” 

A Tradition is Service to Non-traditional Law Students

American University Washington College of Law is an institution with a unique heritage. It was founded over 120 years ago by two pioneering women – Ellen Spencer Messey and Emma Gillett – at a time when women were generally excluded from the legal profession. The founders created a tradition of providing opportunites for those histrorically outside the mainstream of the legal profession. As such, we have a long histroy of offering evening and part- time opprotunities when other schools have cut these programs