Welcome to the Externship Program


Please note: externs are required to work onsite for a minimum of 70% of their hours (this is the WCL requirement; employers may require students to work onsite full-time). Remote placements are permitted only in limited circumstances and must be approved by The Externship Office. Please see the Field Placement Credits section for more information.
Please contact the Externship Office (externship@wcl.american.edu) with any questions or for additional details.

Opening the Door to Your Legal Career

The Externship Program at American University Washington College of Law provides over 250 students a year with the opportunity to gain practical, hand-on legal experience with government agencies, public interest organizations, courts and law firms engaged in pro bono work. The law school’s location in Washington, D.C., and its proximity to governmental and non-governmental organizations ensures that the Externship Program can provide students with a wide variety of exciting and valuable work experiences. AUWCL also offers externship across the United States and abroad.