Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the application deadline for evening/part-time students?

See JD Admissions Deadlines & Requirements

2) Is there an early decision option for the evening program?

See JD Admissions Early Decision Option

3) Are dual degree program options open to evening/part-time students?

4) What is the evening first-year curriculum?

The first year of the program consists of required courses. They meet Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to approximately 8 p.m. On one of these evenings, you stay an additional two hours for Legal Rhetoric: Writing and Research. In addition, you must enroll in at least one nine week summer session if you wish to complete the program in four years.

Fall Semester

Torts (4)
Contracts (4)
Legal Rhetoric (2)
Total Credit Hours: 10

Spring Semester

Criminal Law (3)
Civil Procedure (4)
Legal Rhetoric (2)
Total Credit Hours: 9

5) Can part-time students obtain U-Passes for travel?

Unfortunately, part-time students not eligible for the U-Pass program. Although, there are various alternative methods of transportation that can be used to cut down on travel expenses (pro-rated parking permit, hourly/ Pay-As-You-Go Garage parking, or Lyft/Uber/taxi services).

6) Can part-time students park on campus?

Part-time students can purchase a parking permit for a pro-rated amount compared to full-time students or can pay by the hour. Visit the AU Parking Portal to obtain a parking permit.

7) Can part-time students receive financial aid?

All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are primarily determined by academic indicators (LSAT or GRE score and undergraduate GPA) and range up to full tuition. The Office of Admissions generally begins awarding merit scholarships in late January and continues throughout the admissions cycle.

More information regarding types of financial aid available to part-time evening students, including institutional scholarships and federal aid, is available on the Part-Time JD Financial Aid webpage.

8) Who can part-time students contact about financial aid questions?

All questions related to financial aid should be sent to or via phone: (202) 274-4040. The Financial Aid office is located in the Capital Building, C202.

9) What are the requirements for graduation from the part-time program?

*See question 4 - Eighty six credits are required for graduation, and part time students normally enroll for eight to eleven hours each semester. In addition, you must enroll in at least one nine week summer session if you wish to complete the program in four years.

10) Can I study abroad as a part-time student?

Part-time students are welcome to participate in WCL's many study abroad programs. The most popular programs for part-time students are the summer abroad programs, which range from 2-5 weeks. Courses in these programs can be combined with in-residence and online courses that do not conflict with the courses abroad.  For part-time students who have the ability to travel for a longer period, WCL's 22 semester abroad programs offer diverse opportunities in 17 countries. Part-time students are required to enroll in at least 12 credits during a semester abroad. Part-time students may apply to WCL's International Dual Degree programs, but must change their registration to full-time and complete the required credits and courses prior to leaving Washington, DC. For additional information or individual advising, please contact Rachel Gordon, Assistant Director of WCL Abroad. Ms. Gordon is available for phone appointments during the day and holds evening office hours (5:00-6:00pm) twice per week.