Fall 2016 Final Exam Schedule

This schedule is subject to change at any time and will be confirmed by your professor during the first week of class. Consult the course syllabus for specifics regarding a course's final exam or paper.

Exam deferrals may be warranted in certain circumstances. Please refer to the Deferred Examination Policy for more details. The exam deferral request form is located on the Office of the Registrar MyWCL page under Department Documents.

NOTE: Personal travel is not considered a valid excuse for deferring in-class exams, so students are strongly encouraged not to make travel arrangements or purchases until the final exam schedule has been confirmed. Attendance at weddings, graduation ceremonies, or other events during the exam period is not considered a personal necessity for deferral purposes.

Students must use Anonymous Grading Numbers (AGNs) for all exams. AGNs can be found on my.american.edu under "Personal Links" at the bottom of the page (WCL Anonymous Grading Number). Make sure you are using the AGN for the current semester's exams. These numbers change every semester.

Exam4 software is used for most in-class exams. Students are provided a link to download and test the current version of the software from Technology prior to the exam period. For assistance installing or using Exam4, contact the Technology Help Desk by emailing exams@wcl.american.edu, or by visiting room NT10. Take Home exams are uploaded to MyWCL. Visit the Exam Tab on MyWCL for details regarding your take home exams.


Time   Course Instructor Room
Wednesday December 07, 2016
9:00     Law-508-003 - Criminal Procedure I Davis   
    Law-508-002 - Criminal Procedure I Jones   
    Law-508-001 - Criminal Procedure I Tsai   
1:30     Law-730-001 - Land Use Regulation Burke   
6:00     Law-580-001 - American Legal Institutions Berenson   
    Law-692-001 - Antitrust Law Laguarda   
    Law-660-002 - International Law Orentlicher   
    Law-508-004 - Criminal Procedure I S. Robinson   
    Law-508-006 - Criminal Procedure I Troccoli   
Thursday December 08, 2016
9:00     Law-522-001 - Torts Figley   
    Law-522-003 - Torts Nicola   
    Law-621-001 - Conflict of Laws Robbins   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-616-001 - Negotiable Instruments Effross   
    Law-647-001 - Fed Personal Income Tax Pike   
    Law-522-004 - Torts Popper   
6:00     Law-507-001 - US Criminal Law Benjamin Miller   
    Law-669-001 - Int'l Labor & Employment Herrnstadt   
    Law-655-001 - Immigration and Naturalization McConnell   
    Law-522-005 - Torts Popper   
    Law-647-002 - Fed Personal Income Tax Rothenberg   
Friday December 09, 2016
9:00     Law-611-001 - Business Associations Effross   
    Law-611-002 - Business Associations K. Anderson   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-851-001 - Climate Change Snape   
6:00     Law-747-001 - Adv Labor Law Blegay/Gladney   
    Law-711-001 - Mergers & Acquisitions Connolly   
    Law-611-003 - Business Associations K. Anderson   
Saturday December 10, 2016
    Schedule TBA    
Monday December 12, 2016
9:00     Law-501-002B - Civ Pro Corr   
    Law-630-001 - Regulation of Energy Myers/Hurwitz   
    Law-501-002A - Civ Pro Niles   
    Law-601-001 - Admin Law Niles   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-501-003 - Civ Pro Duru   
    Law-795AS-001 - Law of Amateur Sports Duru   
    Law-501-001 - Civ Pro Franck   
    Law-501-004 - Civ Pro L. Grossman   
6:00     Law-697-001 - Wills, Trusts & Estates Abravanel   
    Law-697-002 - Wills, Trusts & Estates Abravanel   
    Law-629-001 - Environmental Law Breen   
    Law-817rt-001 - Regional Trade Agreements de Lima Campos   
    Law-601-002 - Admin Law Lubbers   
    Law-654-001 - Gov't Contracts W. Carroll/Harty   
Tuesday December 13, 2016
9:00     Law-671-001 - Land Transfer & Finance Burke   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-667-001 - Cyberlaw M. Carroll   
    Law-850-001 - Int'l Criminal Law SaCouto   
6:00     Law-688-001 - Patent Law J. Anderson   
    Law-581-001 - US Business Law Jacobs   
    Law-664-001 - Employment & Labor Law Kelly   
    Law-612-001 - Securities Regulation Quinn   
Wednesday December 14, 2016
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-849-001 - Legal Drafting: Contracts Cavanaugh/Shapiro   
    Law-627-001 - Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcy Corr   
    Law-840-001 - Secured Transactions Hughes   
    Law-707C-001 - Problems in the Democratic Process Schwartz   
6:00     Law-668-001 - Employment Discrimination Carle   
    Law-503-002 - US Con Law Michelman   
    Law-685-001 - Oil and Gas Law Nussdorf   
    Law-503-001 - Con Law Raskin   
Thursday December 15, 2016
9:00     Law-609-001 - Trademark Law Farley   
    Law-504-002 - Contracts May   
    Law-504-004 - Contracts Snyder   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-504-001 - Contracts M. Carroll   
    Law-504-003 - Contracts M. Carroll   
    Law-742-001 - Poverty Law Rosser   
6:00     Law-672-001 - Law & Accounting Borek   
    Law-633-001 - Evidence Jones   
    Law-504-005 - Contracts Pike   
    Law-633-002 - Evidence Wechsler   
Friday December 16, 2016
9:00     Law-633-003 - Evidence Correia   
12:00     Deferred exams    
1:30     Law-635-001 - Nat'l Security Law Hamilton   
    Law-636-001 - Family Law Polikoff   
6:00     Law-994-001 - eDiscovery Austrian/Racich   
    Law-727-001 - Banking & Financial Insts. Comizio   
    Law-749-001 - White Collar Crime Gibson   
Saturday December 17, 2016
    Schedule TBA    
Monday December 19, 2016
12:00     Deferred exams