Frequently Asked Questions

According to the ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools Standard 306. DISTANCE EDUCATION, a law school shall not enroll a student in courses qualifying for credit under this Standard until that student has completed instruction equivalent to 28 credit hours toward the J.D. degree. This rule only applies only to J.D. students and online courses qualifying for credit.

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Supported browsers are the latest or most recent browser versions that are tested against new versions of D2L products. Due to frequency of releases, performance may vary.

Some learning activities, including live synchronous sessions, require the Flash Player. Speakers, microphone, and webcam should be enabled for active participation. The online learning platform has everything you need to learn, communicate, and submit assignments to stay connected and actively engaged!

Often times presentations, readings, and media are opened in a 'new' or secondary tab; try allowing for popups while accessing the online learning platform. Contact the WCL Help Desk at for further assistance regarding popups. If you still cannot view videos that open in a secondary tab or window, contact the Media Control Center at

Questions around the course content and grades must be directed to your Professor(s) teaching the online course.