Hadar Harris

Office: 4301 50th St. - Suite 116
Phone: 202-274-4291
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Prof. Harris is an international human rights attorney and specializes in issues of civil and political rights, gender equality, and domestic implementation of international norms. Since 2002, she has served as the executive director of the WCL Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law. As such, she is responsible for an annual program of 50-70 events and conferences, a variety of grant-funded programs and approximately 20 ongoing collaborative projects with students and NGOs around the world. These include current projects focused on the human rights of persons with disabilities, the integration of human rights approaches and legal arguments into the work of legal service providers (poverty lawyers) in the United States; follow-up and implementation of the work of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; and the launch of a key web-based resource for the human rights community: hrbrief.org. In addition, Prof. Harris has worked extensively in assessing and reviewing national compliance with international human rights treaties, working both with NGOs and governmental bodies and advising on implementation of recommendations. She has assisted in developing shadow reports, government reports or trained government and civil society representatives on a variety of treaties in various parts of the world including Botswana, Israel, Lao PDR, Macedonia, Kosovo, and the United States. She has also worked on projects in Pakistan, India, Morocco, Qatar and beyond. She teaches courses in Global Disability Rights as well as Gender, Cultural Difference and International Human Rights.