David Chavkin

Professor of Law Emeritus

David Chavkin is professor of law, specializing in clinical legal education, Health Law and Civil Procedure. He has participated as an accreditation site visit evaluator for the American Bar Association and for the AALS. From 1995 to 1998, he was treasurer and member ex-officio of the executive committee of the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education. In 1997, he was chair of the AALS Section on Litigation. He was also a consultant on health care financing for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He has written many articles, scholarly journals and monographs on clinical legal education and on Medicaid and other health care and policy issues. He is author of Clinical Legal Education: A Text for Law School Clinics (Anderson Publishing Co., 1992).

Currently Teaching

There are no classes currently associated with this professor.

Areas of Specialization

  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Health Law

Degrees & Universities

  • J.D., University of California at Berkeley 1973
  • B.S., Michigan State University 1968 (cum laude)

  • + Selected Publications

    • Books

    • David Chavkin, Clinical Legal Education: A Text for Law School Clinics (Anderson Publg. Co. 2002).
    • Other Publications

    • David Chavkin, Clinic Under the Stars: Giving Part-Time Students Their Due, Clin. L. Rev. (Spring 2007).
    • David Chavkin, Book Review - Judicare: Public Funds, Private Lawyers and Poor People, 15 Santa Clara L. Rev. __ (2006).
    • David Chavkin, Medicaid and Viagra: Restoring Potency to an Old Program?, in Health Matrix ( Winter 2001).
    • David Chavkin, Human Rights and Health Care Reform: Lessons for the Former Soviet Union, 5 Human Rights Br. 1 (1998).
    • David Chavkin, Am I My Client's Lawyer?: Role Definition and the Clinical Supervisor, 51 S.M.U. L. Rev. 1507 (1998).
    • David Chavkin & S. Brustin, Making the Grade in Clinical Legal Education: The Catholic University Grading Experiment, 3 Clin. L. Rev. 299 (Spring 1997).
    • David Chavkin, Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Student Collaboration in Clinical Programs, 1 Clin. L. Rev. 101 (Fall 1994).
    • David Chavkin & P. D. Pizzo, Medicaid and Child Care: Good Partnership Potential, Young Children 39 (1992).
    • David Chavkin & P. D. Pizzo, Head Start and Medicaid: A New Marriage for the 1990s, 9 Natl. Head Start Assoc. J. 53 (1991).
    • David Chavkin, Fuzzy Thinking: A Borrowed Paradigm for Crisper Lawyering, 4 Clin. L. Rev. 163 (Fall 1987).
    • David Chavkin & Y. Hutchinson, Health Access and the Civil Rights Laws: The Smoking Gun and Other Sorrows, 15 Clearinghouse Rev. 156 (Nov. 1981).
    • David Chavkin, HMOs and the Poor: Proceed with Caution, 13 Health Plan. Newsltr. 7 (Sept. 1980).
    • David Chavkin & M. Runner, An Advocate's Guide to Health Planning, 13 Clearinghouse Rev. 831 (Mar. 1980).