Rebecca Hamilton, an assistant professor of law at American University Washington College of Law, weighs in on the growing public outcry over sexual assault and harassment, and the #MeToo campaign as thousands of survivors of sexual violence across the world began sharing their experiences on social media. By recounting her own story when she was a college intern, Professor Hamilton advocates for meaningful solutions in combating sexual harassment and violence in the workplace beyond naming and shaming offenders through mass media.If the power of #MeToo has been to reveal the pervasiveness of work-related sexual assault and harassment, then meaningful change demands solutions that tackle the depth and breadth of these problems,” says Professor Hamilton. In addition to facilitating access to justice and support services for victims of sexual assault, she stresses the need “to listen to the many women (and men) whose stories do not involve newsworthy perpetrators, and not demand that the signature ‘name and shame’ action of this moment be the price of entry into the conversation about how to deal with all of this.”

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