Change Can't Wait: The Campaign for American University empowers our community to take on society’s most complex challenges. With a $500 million goal, Change Can’t Wait will create transformative educational opportunities for students, advance research with impact, and build stronger communities locally, nationally, and globally.

Change Can’t Wait has set the largest financial goal to date for American University. As a part of this comprehensive campaign, AUWCL will have an incredible opportunity to share its vision for the future, and simultaneously remind us all why it continues to be an educational institution that matters. 
But these are challenging times.  As part of the comprehensive campaign, AUWCL needs to secure additional resources to support our community.  To embark on a trajectory of growth and innovation, AUWCL must secure resources that enable our students to graduate with futures unhindered by financial hardship. And for the faculty that support and guide these legal scholars, AUWCL is committed to raising funds that enable them to pursue high-impact scholarship.  Finally, the future of AUWCL necessitates broader involvement in our local communities.
We have always nurtured the importance of public service that inspires students and alumni to transform our world for the better—but your support and engagement in this campaign will create vast new opportunities for a stronger AUWCL and a stronger American University. 

Campaign Pillars


Elevate: Transforming the Student Experience

At Washington College of Law we create ethical lawyer-leaders who can take on any challenge.

Change Can’t Wait will create a more equitable, affordable, and empowering AUWCL education by providing:

  • Scholarships that open doors and allow for promising futures
  • A vibrant campus offering the spaces and holistic experiences students want and need
  • Experiential learning that equips students to impact the world around them
  • An environment that promotes student health and wellbeing

Inspire: Driving Global Impact through Faculty Research and Teaching

The school’s ethos of service attracts dedicated faculty committed to fostering a community of caring and expanding students’ perspectives in a robust learning environment.

Change Can’t Wait will support AUWCL’s dedicated scholar-teachers with:

  • Endowed chairs and professorships that help attract and retain the best legal minds
  • Faculty research funding that ensures we are providing a legal education that is nimble and continually looking to the future
  • Signature initiatives that bring academia, the private sector, and influential government entities together in discourse
  • State of the art research spaces that make collaboration possible

Lead: Building Better Communities

Our students learn critical thinking and other key skills and values that are deployed for the greater good.

Change Can’t Wait will help us strengthen communities through:

  • Programs and initiatives that improve outcomes for the DC region and address challenges through community-based legal services
  • Initiatives that create a pipeline for future legal practitioners both locally and nationally
  • Programs that advance civic-discourse among academia and the private and public sectors in service of democracy
  • Conferences and panels that convene disparate perspectives that challenge our current view of the world and shape our futures
  • Endowments that support AUWCL’s mission and people, now and for generations to come

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