During his dozen years on the DC Circuit, Justice Kavanaugh was a part of eighteen wildlife species deci­sions and has ruled against wildlife 17.25 times, this is a ninety-six (96) percent record against wildlife. By comparison, D.C. Circuit Judge David Sentelle, a former Chief Judge and conservative jurist, possesses a 57-43 “against wildlife” score. Judge Merrick Garland, a former Chief Judge and moder­ate jurist, possesses a 46-54 “against wildlife” score.  In sum, Justice Kavanaugh’s ninety-six percent anti-wildlife record is significantly higher than comparable conservative and moderate scores of fifty-seven percent anti-wildlife (Sentelle) and forty-six percent anti-wildlife (Garland) records. William J. Snape, Environmental Law professor here at American University Washington College of Law, says that "these numbers, along with Justice Kavanaugh’s own words through his written decisions, demonstrate a tangible and sig­nificant bias against wildlife conservation." "Whenever a vested economic interest runs up against a wildlife conflict, Justice Kavanaugh almost always rules against the public interest in wildlife."

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