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Spring 2017 Course Schedule

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Course Type Title Syl Cr Instructor Cur Lim Days Rm From To
LAW-601-001 Administrative Law x 3 Jeffrey Lubbers 35 80 MW Y400 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-601-002 Administrative Law x 3 Andrew Popper 75 80 TTh Y116 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-770-001 Administrative Law Review I   1   3          
LAW-770-002 Administrative Law Review I   2   15          
LAW-771-001 Administrative Law Review II   1              
LAW-771-002 Administrative Law Review II   2   6          
LAW-772-001 Administrative Law Review III   1   2          
LAW-772-002 Administrative Law Review III   2   5          
LAW-772-003 Administrative Law Review III   3   1          
LAW-772-004 Administrative Law Review III   4   4          
LAW-603-001 Admiralty Law x 2 Steven Snell 17 22 M C217 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-693-001 Advanced Antitrust: Mergers x 2 Jonathan Baker 10 22 MW Y404 06:00PM 07:00PM
LAW-693A-001 Advanced Antitrust: Mergers Practicum   1 Richard Mosier 10 22 MW Y404 07:00PM 07:30PM
LAW-707B-001D Advanced Constitutional Law: Marshall-Brennan Seminar   3 Lisa Curtis 15 22 W N103 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-924-001 Advanced Copyright Law & Policy x 3 Robert Kasunic 11 22 W N104 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-701-001A Advanced Criminal Law **Students must contact professor before enrolling**   2 Ira Robbins   6 Th   04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-701-001B Advanced Criminal Law **Students must contact professor before enrolling**   3 Ira Robbins 7 10 Th   04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-708I-001 Advanced Criminal Procedure: Migrants in the Criminal Justice System x 2 Sunita Patel 16 22 W N105 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-708C-001 Advanced Criminal Procedure: Race, Crime & Politics   2 Cynthia Jones 13 14 Th C217 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795EN-001 Advanced Energy Law: Current Topics x 2 Robert Solomon, Alejandra Nunez 12 16 M Y115 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-844-001 Advanced Environmental Law: Liability and Torts   3 Barry Breen 17 22 M Y404 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-769-008A Advanced Externship Seminar   1 Natalia Wilson 12 15 T NT03 06:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-769-008B Advanced Externship Seminar   1 Catherine Beane 7 15 M Y236 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-008C Advanced Externship Seminar   1 Kathleen Gordon 11 15 Th NT02 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-980-001 Advanced International Law and Peace Negotiations (Instructor Permission Required)   3 Paul Williams 28 40 Th N101 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-980-002 Advanced International Law and Peace Negotiations (Instructor Permission Required)   3 Paul Williams 5 10 F   03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-929-001 Advanced Legal Research x 2 Billie Jo Kaufman 8 20 T N100C 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-929G-001A Advanced Legal Writing: Gender & Law x 2 Teresa Phelps 9 11 Th C317 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-929G-001B Advanced Legal Writing: Gender & Law x 3 Teresa Phelps 9 11 Th C317 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795IV-001 Advanced Research: International Investment Law Seminar   2 Srilal Perera 13 18 T Y401 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-746-001 Advanced Tax Policy and Problems Seminar x 3 Maurice Foley 8 16 Th Y404 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-984-001 Advanced Trial Advocacy: Homicide Prosecution x 2 Carlos Acosta, Amy Bills 12 18 M NT08 07:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-913-001 Advanced Trial Advocacy: Litigating in a High Tech Courtroom   2 Mark Austrian, Ryan Flax     Cancelled      
LAW-754-010 Alexandria, VA Public Defender Supervised Externship **Meets in Alexandria, Virginia, Permission required** x 3 Paul Pepper, Melinda Douglas 6 8        
LAW-614-001 Alternative Dispute Resolution x 3 Raymond Bender 16 18 T NT02 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-838-001 American Courts: Structure, People, Processes, Politics   2 Russell Wheeler 14 16 T N103 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-692-001 Antitrust Law   4 James May 19 22 MW NT03 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-847-001 Appellate Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Kate Bushman Smith 14 14 Th Y236 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-858-001 Aviation Law: Domestic & International Aspects x 2 James Devall 19 20 W C217 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-857-001 Banking and Financial Institutions: U.S. Regulation x 3 Jerome Madden 9 30 T N101 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-795BN-001 Bankruptcy Seminar   2 Bernie Corr 16 22 W N102 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-972-001 Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration x 2 Nigel Blackaby, Caroline Richard, Lindsay Gastrell 16 22 T N104 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-611-001 Business Associations x 4 Randle Pollard 31 80 MW YT17 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-611-002 Business Associations x 4 David Kempler 50 80 TTh Y401 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-976-001 Business Immigration Law   2 Ur Jaddou 32 35 T YT17 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-917-001 Business Law Review I   1   6          
LAW-917-002 Business Law Review I   2   16          
LAW-918-001 Business Law Review II   1   3          
LAW-918-002 Business Law Review II   2   9          
LAW-919-001 Business Law Review III   1   5          
LAW-919-002 Business Law Review III   2   3          
LAW-919-003 Business Law Review III   3   2          
LAW-919-004 Business Law Review III   4   4          
LAW-795CN-001 Citizenship & Naturalization Law x 2 Cora Tekach 11 16 T N103 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-752-001 Civil Advocacy Clinic   4 Elliott Milstein, Llezlie Green Coleman, Sunita Patel 18 25        
LAW-756-001A Civil Advocacy Clinic Seminar x 3 Elliott Milstein, Llezlie Green Coleman, Sunita Patel 18 22 Th Y250 01:30PM 04:30PM
LAW-795S-001 Civil Rights & Mental Disabilities Seminar x 2 Emily Read 13 15 Th Y236 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795RT-001 Civil Rights Litigation x 2 William Yeomans 19 22 M YT15 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-695-001 Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 John Karl, Patrick Woodward, Paul Morella 14 14 M C116 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-695-002 Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Nelson Rupp, Paul Stein 14 14 T C117 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-695-003 Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Erik Christian, Bruce Frederickson 14 14 W C116 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-695-004 Civil Trial Advocacy x 3 Irma Raker, Greg Hillyer 7 14 W C116 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-695-005 Civil Trial Advocacy x 3 Delawrence Beard, Mark Gilday 10 14 Th C116 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-756-004 Clinical Seminar: Criminal Justice Defense x 2 Binny Miller, Jenny Roberts 8   W N103 09:30AM 12:15PM
LAW-756-006 Clinical Seminar: Disability Rights Clinic x 3 Robert Dinerstein, Lauren Onkeles-Klein 12   W Y404 09:30AM 12:30PM
LAW-756-007 Clinical Seminar: Intellectual Property x 3 Victoria Phillips, Hillary Brill 16   Th C317 09:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-837-001 Commercial Leasing x 2 Barlow Burke 11 22 T C317 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-810A-001 Communications Law and Information Policy x 2 Victoria Phillips 17 18 T C217 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-756-003 Community and Economic Development Clinic Seminar x 3 Susan Bennett, Brenda Smith 16   W NT02 10:00AM 01:00PM
LAW-768-001 Community and Economic Development Law Clinic   4 Susan Bennett, Brenda Smith 16          
LAW-619A-001 Comparative Family Law   2 Macarena Saez 13 22 W N104 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-836-001 Computer Crime Seminar x 2 Clement McGovern 19 22 T N105 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-707E-001 Constitution in Times of Crisis   2 Herman Schwartz 14 18 T C217 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-885-001 Construction Law   2 Steven Shapiro, Andrew Stephenson 16 30 Th N105 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-625-001 Corporate Bankruptcy   2 Walter Effross 13 18 T C217 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-856-001 Corporate Finance x 3 Alan Jacobs 21 25 M YT16 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-761-001 Criminal Justice Clinic-Defense   4 Binny Miller, Jenny Roberts 18          
LAW-628-001 Criminal Procedure II x 3 Brent Newton 44 65 Th Y401 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-694-001 Criminal Trial Advocacy **Meets at U.S. District Courthouse** x 3 Emmet Sullivan, Sonali Patel 13 14 T   06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-682-001 Critical Race Theory x 2 Llezlie Green Coleman 14 16 T Y404 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-751-001 D.C. Law Students in Court Clinic   3   6          
LAW-757-001 D.C. Law Students in Court Clinic Seminar **Meets at UDC**   2   6   M   06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-626-E002 Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos   3 Pablo Saavedra 14 15 Online      
LAW-795JP-001 Directed Research Seminar: Juvenile Life Without Parole   2 Binny Miller     Cancelled Y404    
LAW-764-001 Disability Rights Law Clinic
This course has a Wait List
  4 Robert Dinerstein, Lauren Onkeles-Klein 12 12        
LAW-999-001 Doctoral Foundations Seminar
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Elizabeth Cavanagh 8 8 F C217 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-846-001 E-Commerce Law & Drafting   2 Walter Effross 17 22 T C317 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-861-001 Economic, Social, and Cultural Human Rights Seminar x 2 Ingrid Nifosi-Sutton 12 18 W C317 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-690-001 Education Law x 3 Mark Gross 11 22 T C317 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-795-012 Environmental Law Directed Research Seminar   2 David Hunter, Addie Haughey, Bill Snape 14 15 W Y403 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-739-E002 Estudios Avanzados en Derecho (LLM HRHL Only)   3 Mikel Mancisidor 8 25 Online      
LAW-633-001 Evidence x 4 Justin Wechsler 44 65 MW Y402 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-633-002 Evidence x 4 Cynthia Jones 64 80 TTh Y400 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-633-003 Evidence x 4 Kenneth Troccoli 37 75 MW NT07 07:15PM 09:05PM
LAW-968-002 Evidentiary Foundations & Objections x 3 Dennis Clark, Aimee Ghosh 8 14 Th C116 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-968-001 Evidentiary Foundations & Objections (Instructor Permission Required)
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Elizabeth Boals, Elizabeth Lippy 16 16 W C116 01:30PM 04:10PM
LAW-754-007 Externship: Advocacy (LLM Only) x 1 Julie Swaney            
LAW-754-E012 Externship: International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (LLM Only)
This course has a Wait List
  1-4 Claudia Martin, Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon 11 10        
LAW-754-008 Externship: International Legal Studies (LLM Only) x 1 Melanija Radnovic 11   N/A      
LAW-754-009 Externship: Law & Government (LLM Only) x 1 Julie Swaney 6          
LAW-636-001 Family Law x 3 Bibi Berry 27 70 TTh Y400 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-643-001 Federal Courts x 4 Elizabeth Beske 73 75 TTh Y400 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-647-001 Federal Personal Income Tax x 4 David Kempler 19 80 MW YT17 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-647-002 Federal Personal Income Tax
This course has a Wait List
x 4 Gil Rothenberg 45 45 TTh Y402 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-756-011 Federal Taxation Clinic Seminar   3 Nancy Abramowitz, Jonathan Grossberg 13   T Y403 09:30AM 12:30PM
LAW-648-001 Food and Drug Law   3 Lewis Grossman 14 50 TTh Y403 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-725B-001 Gender,Cultural Difference, and International Human Rights Seminar   3 Andrea Parra 16 22 Th N103 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-795CR-001 Global Corruption & Rights x 2 Keith Henderson 7 24 M N104 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-719F-001 Health Care Privacy, Security, Data Protection x 2 Kirk Nahra 10 22 M Y404 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-640-001 Health Law   3 Lindsay Wiley 14 40 T N101 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-690-B001 Higher Education Law x 3 Mary Kennard 16 18 M N104 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-985-001 Housing Law x 2 Ezra Rosser 16 22 M NT02 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795Q-001 Human Rights and the Environment   2 Katie Redford 13 22 M C317 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-712A-001 Human Rights Fieldwork Supervision (Instructor Permission Required) x 2 Ali Beydoun 7 10 M N103 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-626-E001 Human Rights Law (LLM HRHL Only)   3   8 15 Online      
LAW-712B-001 Human Rights Litigation Fieldwork (Instructor Permission Required)   2 Ali Beydoun 7 10 N/A      
LAW-795HR-001 Human Rights: Global Disability Rights x 2 Janet Lord, Eric Rosenthal 8 12 T Y236 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795H-001 Humphrey Fellows Research Seminar   1 Fernanda Katz Ellenberg 13 14 M Y115 12:00PM 01:50PM
LAW-759-001 Immigrant Justice Clinic   4 Amanda Frost, Andrea Parra 15 16        
LAW-756-012 Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar x 3 Amanda Frost, Andrea Parra 15 16 Th NT02 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795T-001B Immigrant Women Law & Policy Project x 1 Leslye Orloff     Cancelled      
LAW-795T-001A Immigrant Women Law & Policy Seminar x 2 Leslye Orloff     Cancelled      
LAW-655-001 Immigration & Naturalization x 3 David McConnell 32 65 Th N102 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-758-001 Intellectual Property Clinic
This course has a Wait List
x 4 Victoria Phillips, Hillary Brill 16 16        
LAW-667A-001 Intellectual Property in Cyberspace x 3 Michael Carroll 39 60 M Y116 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795IT-001 Intellectual Property Practice at the USITC   2 Andrew Riley, Anthony DelMonaco 15 18 T N102 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-990-001 International Business Negotiations x 3 Robert Lawrence 15 16 M N105 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-661-001 International Business Transactions x 3 Susan Franck 23 65 TTh Y402 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-789-001 International Commercial Arbitration Seminar x 3 Horacio Grigera-Naon, Claudia Frutos-Peterson 13 40 M N101 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795CP-001 International Communications: Regulation & Policy x 2 Maury Mechanick 4 22 M N103 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-973-001 International Contracts & Sales x 3 David Snyder 22 40 TTh N104 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-795CL-001B International Criminal Law & Procedure Practicum x 3 Susana SáCouto     Cancelled      
LAW-795DB-001 International Debt Workouts x 2 Behzad Gohari 21 22 M C317 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795DR-001 International Dispute Resolution Involving Sovereigns x 2 David Baron 17 28 M N102 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795IE-001 International Energy Law x 3 Chiara Pappalardo, Niranjali Amerasinghe 14 22 T C217 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-618-001 International Environmental Law x 3 David Hunter 28 40 MW Y115 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-653-001 International Finance x 3 Enrique Carrasco 17 50 M Y403 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-799-E008 International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Research Program (LLM HRHL Only)   1 Claudia Martin, Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon 8 20 Online      
LAW-755-001 International Human Rights Clinic General Fieldwork
This course has a Wait List
  4 Anita Sinha, Sherizaan Minwalla 16 16        
LAW-756-008 International Human Rights Clinic Seminar
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Anita Sinha, Sherizaan Minwalla 16 16 Th N103 01:30PM 04:30PM
LAW-620-001 International Humanitarian Law x 3 Robert Goldman 32 40 TTh Y115 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-795ZZ-001 International Investment Law & Policy x 2 Susan Franck 16 20 W Y115 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-660-001 International Law x 3 Robert Goldman 19 40 TTh Y115 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-765-001 International Law Review I   1   6          
LAW-765-002 International Law Review I   2   11          
LAW-766-001 International Law Review II   1   1          
LAW-766-002 International Law Review II   2   3          
LAW-767-001 International Law Review II   1   4          
LAW-767-002 International Law Review II   2   7          
LAW-767-003 International Law Review II   3   1          
LAW-767-004 International Law Review II   4   3          
LAW-657-001 International Trade Law I x 3 John Magnus, Matthew Nicely 16 65 TTh Y402 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-969-001 International Trade Law II x 2 Martin Molinuevo, Michael Jacobson 20 22 W YT16 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-817-002 International Trade Policy Theory and Practice   3 Aluisio de Lima-Campos     Cancelled      
LAW-646-001 International Trademark Law   3 Christine Farley 17 22 MW Y404 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-795LA-001 Internet Policy & Legislative Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Hillary Brill 16 16 T C317 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-580-001 Introduction to American Legal Institutions (LLM only) x 2 William Berenson 15 50 W Y403 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795IS-001 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict x 2 Michael Belgrade 4 22 Th C217 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-800-001 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law I   1   1          
LAW-800-002 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law I   2   12          
LAW-801-001 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law II   1   5          
LAW-801-002 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law II   2   3          
LAW-802-001 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law III   1   2          
LAW-802-002 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law III   2   4          
LAW-802-003 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law III   3   2          
LAW-802-004 Jrnl Gend Soc Pol'y & Law III   4   1          
LAW-775-001 Labor Migration in the Global Economy x 3 Janie Chuang 18 22 MW NT02 01:00PM 02:20PM
LAW-730-001 Land Use Regulation x 2 Barlow Burke 9 22 Th N103 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-680-001 Law and the American Political Process
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Bettina Poirier 22 22 T N103 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-896-001 Law and the Visual Arts x 3 Joshua Kaufman 18 22 W C217 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-805-001 Law of Information Privacy x 2 Stacey Brandenburg, Melanie Teplinksy, Melanie Teplinsky 17 22 T N105 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-674-001 Law of Professional Sports   2 Jeremi Duru 46 50 T NT08 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795LP-001 Law Practice Management   2 Christopher Gowen, Michael Spekter 16 28 T N100C 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-796-001 Law Review I   1   8          
LAW-796-002 Law Review I   2   25          
LAW-797-001 Law Review II   1   4          
LAW-797-002 Law Review II   2   6          
LAW-798-001 Law Review III   1   2          
LAW-798-002 Law Review III   2   4          
LAW-798-003 Law Review III   3   4          
LAW-798-004 Law Review III   4   4          
LAW-651-001 Lawyer Bargaining x 3 Benjamin Jacewicz 15 18 W Y404 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-651-002 Lawyer Bargaining x 3 Joseph Kaplan 14 18 W N102 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-849-004 Legal Drafting: Contracts   2 Brian Foont 20 22 M C317 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-849-001 Legal Drafting: Contracts
This course has a Wait List
  2 Richard Pollak 16 16 M C217 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-849-002 Legal Drafting: Corporate   2 Lucretia Risoleo 19 22 W N101 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-849-003 Legal Drafting: Family Law Litigation & Practice
This course has a Wait List
x 3 David Spratt 16 16 T N105 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-096-001 Legal English for Lawyers (LLM Only) x 0 Marleen Hein-Dunne 5 22 TTh Y404 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-001 Legal Ethics x 2 Susan Carle 58 65 T NT07 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-550-002 Legal Ethics   2 Jean Han 38 65 Th Y402 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-003 Legal Ethics x 2 Claire Donohue 50 65 Th Y403 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-550-004 Legal Ethics x 2 Leon Fresco 36 65 W Y402 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-550-005 Legal Ethics x 2 Dolores Dorsainvil, Clay Smith 25 65 T Y403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-006 Legal Ethics x 2 Jonathan Lawlor 64 65 T Y402 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-007 Legal Ethics   2 Christopher Gowen 26 65 T N102 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-550-008 Legal Ethics x 2 Lauren Onkeles-Klein 31 65 M Y402 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-915-001 Legal Ethics for Trial Lawyers x 2 Seth Guggenheim, Kathleen Uston 3 14 W C317 05:30PM 07:20PM
LAW-580-002A Legal Research & Writing (LLM ONLY)   2 Rachel Gordon 6 16 W Y403 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-580-002B Legal Research & Writing (LLM ONLY)   2 Catherine Schenker 9   W Y360H 12:00PM 01:50PM
LAW-580-002 Legal Research & Writing (LLM only) x 2 Catherine Schenker   50 MF* Y402 01:00PM 02:20PM
LAW-795LL-001 Legislative Lawyering x 2 Hal Shapiro, John Gilliland 15 22 W NT02 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-962A-001 Licensing Intellectual Property x 3 Pamela Deese 27 28 M YT16 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-994-001 Litigating in the Digital Age: e-Discovery   2 Allison Stanton, Jason Baron 7 14 T Y404 05:30PM 07:20PM
LAW-795GV-001 Litigation with the Federal Government x 3 Mary Ellen Coster Williams 17 22 T NT02 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-995B-001 Mock Trial Competition   1   1          
LAW-995D-001 Mock Trial Competition   1   6          
LAW-995F-001 Mock Trial Competition   2   10          
LAW-995G-001 Mock Trial Competition   2              
LAW-996B-001 Mock Trial Executive Board   1   1          
LAW-996D-001 Mock Trial Executive Board   1              
LAW-996F-001 Mock Trial Executive Board   2   2          
LAW-871B-001 Moot Court Competition   1   2          
LAW-871D-001 Moot Court Competition   1              
LAW-871F-001 Moot Court Competition   2   22          
LAW-871G-001 Moot Court Competition   2   6          
LAW-803B-001 Moot Court Executive Board   1   2          
LAW-803D-001 Moot Court Executive Board   1              
LAW-803F-001 Moot Court Executive Board   2   2          
LAW-803G-001 Moot Court Executive Board   2   2          
LAW-635-001 National Security Law: Use of Force x 2 Rebecca Hamilton 23 40 T N101 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-824-001 Natural Resources: Mineral Rights x 2 Barlow Burke     Cancelled      
LAW-824WL-001 Natural Resources: Water Law x 3 Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, Kenneth Kopocis 11 22 W Y404 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-962B-001 Patent Litigation   2 David Cavanaugh, Gregory Lantier 11 18 W N104 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-855-001 Patent Prosecution x 2 Grant Rowan 10 18 Th C317 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-745-001 Pension & Employee Benefit Law x 3 Nancy Abramowitz 11 30 MW Y115 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-649-001 Pre-Trial Litigation
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Michael Algeo, Kara Fischer 16 16 M NT02 04:30PM 07:20PM
LAW-649-002 Pre-Trial Litigation
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Charles Day, Michael Bruckheim 16 16 W N105 06:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-795FL-001 Principles of French Law x 2 Renaud Beauchard 7 8 W N105 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-518-005 Property (2L P-T) x 4 William Snape 55 95 MW Y116 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-834-001A Public Health Law & Policy   2 Lindsay Wiley 8 11 T N101 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-834-001B Public Health Law & Policy   3 Lindsay Wiley 9 11 T N101 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-725C-001 Regional Approaches to Human Rights x 3 Juan Mendez 8 18 TTh Y404 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-743-001 Regulation of Derivatives   2 Saadeh Aljurf, Paul Hayeck 10 18 Th N105 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795ER-001 Regulation of Emerging Robotics Automation & Artificial Intelligence   2 Kenneth Anderson 16 22 M N101 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-707D-001 Religion & the State
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Trish Maskew 18 18 M Y250 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-673-001 Remedies x 3 Candace Kovacic-Fleischer 24 45 TTh N102 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-978-001 Responses of International Law to Conflict-Based Sexual and Gender Violence x 2 Susana SáCouto 18 20 T N105 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-878-001 Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony   3 Lisa Kreeger-Norman, Megan McCarthy Whiteside 9 16 Th NT02 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-974-001 Secrecy Controversies   2 Dan Metcalfe 4 22 W NT03 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-840-001 Secured Transactions x 4 David Snyder 28 60 TTh Y402 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-612-001 Securities Regulation x 3 Lawrence Greenberg 38 65 TTh Y402 08:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-706-001 Seminar: Advanced Civil Procedure: Complex Litigation Seminar   3 Bernie Corr 9 22 TTh Y404 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-739-E001 Seminar: Advanced Human Rights (LLM HRHL Only)   3 Alexander Morawa 5 25 Online      
LAW-827-001 Seminar: Sexuality and the Law x 3 Sharra Greer 13 16 M C217 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-691-001 Sex-Based Discrimination x 3 Beth Frank 12 16 W Y236 05:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-997-001A Strategic Litigation in International Human Rights: Theory & Practice x 2 Macarena Saez 4 11 W Y250 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-997-001B Strategic Litigation in International Human Rights: Theory & Practice
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  3 Macarena Saez 13 11 W Y250 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-769-001 Supervised Externship Seminar   3 Lisamarie Freitas 12 15 M N105 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-002 Supervised Externship Seminar
This course has a Wait List
  3 Tanya Jones-Bosier 16 16 T N104 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-003 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Andrew Popper 18 22 W N104 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-004 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Joseph Kaplan 8 15 W NT02 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-005 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Norman Eule 13 15 Th C217 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-769-006 Supervised Externship Seminar: Legislative Practicum x 3 Michael Zubrensky, William Yeomans     Cancelled      
LAW-762-001 Tax Clinic   3 Nancy Abramowitz, Jonathan Grossberg 13          
LAW-639A-001 Taxation of Business Entities x 3 Jonathan Grossberg 8 22 MW N105 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-639A-002 Taxation of Business Entities x 3 Andrew Weiner 16 40 MW N101 08:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-795TM-001 Trademark Practice & Procedure   1 Stephanie Bald 20 22 Click course name for details. Y404    
LAW-795TC-001 Transnational Crime and the State x 2 David Warner 11 16 T Y250 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795V-001 Trial Advocacy Criminal Defense Seminar - Virginia **Meets in Alexandria, VA. Permission required** x 1 Paul Pepper, Melinda Douglas 6 8 T   03:00PM 04:00PM
LAW-754-001 Tutorial Externship Fieldwork   1   6          
LAW-754-003 Tutorial Externship Supervision   1   6          
LAW-581-001 U.S. Business Law (LLM only) x 3 Ralph DiPietro 10 60 M Y403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-504-001L U.S. Contracts (LLM only)   3 Peter Odom 19 60 Th NT07 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-624-001 U.S. International Taxation x 3 Elena Cirmizi 6 15 T NT02 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-874-001 Venture Capital/Private Equity x 3 Michael Messersmith 23 40 W N101 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-749-001 White Collar Crime x 3 Mark MacDougall 49 60 MW Y401 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-697-001 Wills Trusts Estates   4 Art Steele 36 75 MW Y401 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-697-002 Wills, Trusts & Estates x 4 Jane Moretz-Edmisten 30 60 TTh Y403 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-753-001 Women and the Law Clinic   4 Ann Shalleck, Jean Han, Diane Weinroth 17          
LAW-756-009 Women and the Law Clinic and Domestic Violence Clinic Seminar   3 Ann Shalleck, Diane Weinroth, Claire Donohue, Jean Han 24   W C317 01:20PM 05:00PM
LAW-753-002 Women and the Law: Domestic Violence Clinic   4 Claire Donohue 8          
LAW-701C-001 Women Crime & Law II   1 Brenda Smith 7 12 Th N105 11:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-729-001 Wrongful Convictions x 2 Richard Gilbert 19 22 W Y115 06:00PM 07:50PM
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