SBA Student Organizations Directory

Student Bar Association**

President: Amanda Molina

Executive Vice President: Jaime Garcia de Paredes III

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Stephanie Mendiola

Vice President of Student Services:Travis Nemmer

Vice President of Economic Affairs: Alison Sikes


Student Bar Association Judiciary

Chief Justice: Arturo Esteve


Administrative Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Neil Murphy

American University Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie Poucher

Business Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Chelsea Gold

International Law Review
Editor-in-Chief: Chad Jalandoni

Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law
Editor-in-Chief: Madeline Dang

AU Labor and Employment Law Forum
Co-Editors-in-Chief: Christa Henderson & Christina Potter

The Arbitration Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Raveena Benipal

Criminal Law Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Trevor Addie

Health Law and Policy Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Mesbahi

The Human Rights Brief
Co-Editors-in-Chief: Whiteny-Ann Mulhauser & Christopher Keeler

Intellectual Property Law Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Gidget Benitez

Legislation and Policy Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Irving Fayman

The Modern American
Editor-in-Chief: Monique Nettleford-Bruce

National Security Law Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Desiree Hanssen

Sustainable Development Law & Policy Brief
Editor-in-Chief: Caitlin Buchanan

Competition Organizations

Alternative Dispute Resolution
President: Mosmi Bhakta

MockTrial Honor Society
President: Christin Mitchell  

Moot Court Honor Society
President: Jake Christensen

ALSA Organizations

Latina/o Law Student Association
President: Christina Potter

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association
President: Jieun Lee

Italian-American Law Society (ITALSA)

President: John Zipp

Jewish Law Students Association
President: Steven Nieman

South Asian Law Students Association
Co-Presidents: Anupama Selvam & Kirti Suri

Black Law Students Association
President: Mark Dunham

Korean Law Students Association
President: Jangwook Shin

Other Organizations

Action for Human Rights
President: Stephanie Poucher

ADVANCE Mentoring Group
President: Nomcebisi Ndlovu

African Justice Initiative
President: Michelle Emokpae

American Civil Liberties Union WCL Chapter
President: Claire Jabbour

Amnesty International WCL
President: Janie Williams

Animal Law Society
President: Emma Burgess Roy

The Arab Association at Washington College of Law
President: Ahmed Mostafa

Association of Transfer Students
President: Irving Fayman

Business Law Society
President: Jaime Garcia De Paredes

Christian Legal Society
President: Upile Chikwembani

Communications & Media Law Society
President: Angela Demahy

Criminal Law Society
President: Travis Nemmer

WCL Democrats (WCL Dems)
President: Adrenis Hooks

Disability Law Society
Co-Chairs: Stephanie Poucher & Mike Scarantino

Energy Law Society

Environmental Law Society
President: Caitlin Buchanan

Equal Justice Foundation
President: Kristin Donovan  

European Law Association
Co-Presidents: Rachna Kapur and Thomas Martial

Fashion Law Society
President: Bryce Cashman

Federalist Society
President: Gina Huber

Health Law & Justice Society
President: Shruti Modi

Hospitality and Tourism Law Society
President: Gabriel Raskas

Immigrants' Rights Coalition
Co-Chairs: Sean Goldhammer & Kathryn Kimball

Intellectual Property Law Society
President: Rachel Stelly

International Trade & Investment Law Society
President: Kathy Ibarra

Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project
President: Christopher Keeler

Islamic Law Forum
President: Kendal Niles

President: Abi Ojo-Uyi

Lambda Law Society
Executive Director: Michael Cabrera

Law and Government Society
President: Amy Farris

Law Revue
President: Janie Williams

Law Students for Reproductive Justice
President: Brooke Hofhenke

National Lawyers Guild
President: Nick Thies

Parents Attending Law School (PALS)
President: Sequoia Ayala

Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity
Justice: Kieley Sutton

Space Law Society
President: George John

Sports & Entertainment Law Society
President: Doug Silverstein

Students United
Mentoring Director: Kieley Sutton

Transactional Law Society
President: Kendra Clark

Veterans Law Society
President: Patrick Kinser

Women's Law Association
President: Joanne Chong


*The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government, responsible for coordination of all student activities at the law school.

**If you would like to edit the information on this page, or have your name added to the student leader listserve, please email