The primary purpose of MLSA is to support and represent the interests of Muslim law students. MLSA wants to offer a sense of community, provide opportunities for spiritual development, raise awareness about the unique needs of Muslim students, and engage in advocacy and educational activities related to Islamic culture, law, and social issues. We organize events, discussions, and cultural celebrations to promote understanding and unity within the law school community.

Our purpose:

The goal and purpose of MLSA is to serve the beliefs and interests of Islam, Muslims of American University Washington College of Law, and to champion what matters at American University Washington College of Law.

1. Provide an inclusive social and supportive community to foster spiritual development rooted in the practices and beliefs of Islam

2. Educate WCL administration and campus on the needs of its Muslim student population

3. Foster a community of mentorship and professional support for the Muslim Student population

4. Arrange consistent programming to participate actively in the intellectual, professional, and faithful discourse within WCL

5. Promote unity and take action on issues of importance to the Muslim Student community and the greater WCL community

6. Organize and hold congregational prayers, and celebratory events for religious holidays

7. Develop programming for the instruction of Islamic teachings and faith practices for interested Muslims and non-Muslims

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