The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organizes law students and attorneys to provide legal representation to those who have none. We help refugees navigate the rules and processes of resettlement in the US. Our work helps families escape from harm and persecution.

The International Refugee Assistance Project was started, originally as the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, by graduate students at Yale Law School to provide legal representation and policy advocacy on behalf of Iraqi refugees seeking resettlement, and to assist those who have resettled. Twenty-two other law schools and over five hundred volunteers including students, lawyers and advocates have joined the effort to deal with this humanitarian crisis.


IRAP focuses on the following programs and efforts:

  • Individual Legal Representation for Refugees

  • Fact-Finding and Policy Advocacy

  • Refugee Roadmap for Iraqis Resettled in the US

  • Overseas Clinical Legal Education to Ensure Refugee Rights

For more information about IRAP National, please visit their website at