For Summer 2017, the Summer Institute on Law & Government will be on hiatus while we redesign the curriculum and focus for Summer 2018.

The Summer Institute on Law & Government is a program designed for both experienced practitioners and law students who want to stay on the cutting edge of legal developments in the complex practice of law in Washington, D.C. The Institute presents the opportunity for individuals to take advantage of the expertise of professors and lawyers working on the front lines of public policy development and litigation. Course offerings include indispensable updates on legislation, lobbying, administrative and regulatory process, and developments in national security law and immigration law. Classes also address the changing landscape for financial regulation after the economic meltdown.

This year the Institute will feature an all new, one-week format with one-credit classes on the latest legal and policy developments in five specialty areas, also emphasizing the critical skills needed to practice in these fields:

  • Immigration Law
  • Legislative Policy
  • Financial Regulation
  • National Security Law
  • Administrative Law

Questions? Ask the Institute Director!

Steve Wermiel