Litigation Skills Summer Institute

Not offered in Summer 2021

Due to the the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer the Litigation Skills Summer Institute (LSSI) in Summer 2021. Washington College of Law is offering a wide range of other online courses this summer, including several skills-based courses.  We look forward to the LSSI in Summer 2022. For more information about online summer courses, please review the Washington College of Law course offerings.

The Litigation Skills Summer Institute is designed for both practitioners and qualified law students interested in mastering litigation skills. The program features rigorous training in pre-trial and trial skills and is tailored for associates wanting to sharpen their courtroom technique and students wanting an extra advantage in this competitive job market.

The flexible two-week intensive program consists of four courses including a newly reformatted Litigating in a High Tech Courtroom. Courses will be offered at nights and on weekends. Participants may take one, two or all courses. Academic credit is available for law students and a certificate of attendance for legal practitioners.