Specialized Summer Program on
International Commercial Arbitration

May 30 - June 15, 2023

Courses in English: May 30 - June 8, 2023
cursos en español: 5 al 15 de junio de 2023

About the Program

Taught by leading practitioners and arbitrators from throughout the world, the International Commercial Arbitration Specialized Summer Program is a unique and concentrated three-week program that addresses fundamental issues of international commercial arbitration from a theoretical and a practical point of view.

Networking activities such as coffee hours, luncheons, and visits to D.C. law firms provide participants opportunities to meet with faculty experts and practitioners.

The summer program is one of the annual events hosted by the law school’s Center on International Commercial Arbitration. The Center is directed by Horacio A. Grigera Naón, a renowned independent international arbitrator and former secretary general of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce

in 2023 summer courses will take place in-person in Washington, D.C. with the option to stay in the American University dormitory at Cassell Hall. 


The following courses will take place from May 30 to June 8, 2023:

  • Evidence in international arbitration;
  • Damages & Compensation in International Arbitration ;
  • International Arbitration and Choice-of-Law Issues;
  • Corruption, Illegality, and Misconduct in International Arbitration  
  • Mediation Theory & Practice.

All courses have a duration of 14 hours (equivalent to one academic credit)
The following courses will be offered in Spanish (June 5 to 15, 2023):

  • Arbitraje Comercial Internacional;
  • Arbitraje Inversionista Estado;
  • Aspectos Prácticos del Proceso Arbitral.


To earn a certificate of completion participants must take at least 3 courses and pass the exams (24 hour-take home.) Those not wishing to take the exams will receive a certificate of attendance.


The Summer Program is open to:

  1. Foreign Attorneys for a certificate of completion (Diploma) or attendance.
  2. U.S. Practitioners for a certificate of completion (Diploma) or attendance.
  3. WCL & Visiting J.D. and LL.M. candidates for academic credit. 

WCL J.D. or LL.M. Students who would to take summer courses for academic credit do not require a special application. Please enroll through Eagle Service. See Academic Calendar for more information. Visiting J.D. students, must complete the registration form available here.

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