The Human Rights Brief

AUWCL’s Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law established the student-run Human Rights Brief as part of its long-standing commitment to human rights education and excellence in legal analysis and writing.  For nearly 30 years, the Center has worked with students, faculty, and the international legal community to provide and support concise, cutting-edge legal analysis of human rights issues.  The Human Rights Brief continues to enjoy great success contributing articles, editing pieces, representing the Center at human rights events around Washington, D.C., and working with practitioners around the world to further human rights scholarship.   

The Latest Issue

Volume 23

Volume 23

Spring 2020

This spring, the Human Rights Brief made the switch to an issue-based publication model. This page will be updated quarterly with the latest in human rights coverage, developments, and legal analysis. Past issues of the Brief can be found AUWCL's archive, Digital Commons.

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Inside the Latest Volume

student columns

  • A Case for the Right to Self-Determination in Africa's Last Colony
    • Ryan Allman
  • The Link Between Tourism and Child Abuse in Cambodian "Orphanages"
    • Madison Bingle
  • Indonesian Government Proposes Legislation Attacking Anti-Corruption Agency, Brutally Cracks Down on Student Protesters
    • Hailey Ferguson
  • In Morocco, Her Body is Not Her Choice
    • Arielle Kafker
  • Combatting Femicide in France
    • Adrian Lewis
  • Arbitrary Detention in Jammu and Kashmir
    • Maya Martin
  • Xenophobia in South Africa
    • Salim Rashid
  • Vieques, Puerto Rico: U.S. Ecological Militarism and Climate Change
    • Maria Alejandra Torres
  • Kazakhstan: Neglects and Abuses Against Children with Disabilities
    • Courtney Veneri

practitioner articles

  • Strengthening the Right to Know through Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
    • Tracey B.C. Begley
  • Indigenous People's Rights in Russian North: Main Challenges and Prospects for Future Development
    • Ruslan Garipov
  • Universal Protocol for Investigative Interviewing and Associated Safeguard: Taking Jordan as an Example
    • Lubna N. Nasser
  • Prosecuting Offenders for Rape Committed in Armed Conflict: Interrogating the Accountability of the Nigerian State
    • Dr. Caroline Oba
  • When in Conflict: Guaranteeing the Right to Education in India
    • Sanskriti Sangh
  • Imbalanced Progress on the Implementation of Anti-Domestic Violence Law in China
    • Hao Yeng & Feng Yuan

special coverage: global

  • Decolonizing Human Trafficking in Cambodia
    • Corrin Chow
  • Punished for Being Abused: The Unfair Prosecution of Children Affiliated with ISIS
    • Mary Kate O'Connell
  • Court of Justice of the European Union Rules Against Polish Law on the Supreme Court
    • Ben Phillips
  • A New Approach: Gang-based Asylum in the Age of "Zero Tolerance"
    • Caylee Watson

special coverage: inter-american system

  • Collective Reincorporation Processes in the Peace Accords in Colombia
    • Christopher Baumohl
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada (Ex Officio)
    • Sydney Delin
  • Environmental Protection in the Amazon and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil
    • Maria Alejandra Torres