The Human Rights Brief

AUWCL’s Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law established the student-run Human Rights Brief as part of its long-standing commitment to human rights education and excellence in legal analysis and writing.  For nearly 30 years, the Center has worked with students, faculty, and the international legal community to provide and support concise, cutting-edge legal analysis of human rights issues.  The Human Rights Brief continues to enjoy great success contributing articles, editing pieces, representing the Center at human rights events around Washington, D.C., and working with practitioners around the world to further human rights scholarship.   

The Latest Issue

Volume 25, Issue 2

Volume 25, Issue 2

Spring 2022

In Spring 2020, the Human Rights Brief made the switch to an issue-based publication model. This page will be updated quarterly with the latest in human rights coverage, developments, and legal analysis. Past issues of the Brief can be found AUWCL's archive, Digital Commons.

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Inside the Latest Volume

practitioner articles

  • The Invasion of Ukraine: A Gross Violation of International Law
    • Claudio Grossman
  • Restorative Justice: Uplifting Human Rights for the Marginalized, Vulnerable,
    Victimized, and the United States as a Whole
    • Meghana Vodela

student columns

  • Washington, D.C.: The Capital of Fair Housing Violations
    • Arielle Aboulafia
  • Gap in Internet Access in Sri Lanka Violates Human Rights
    • Gracie Kreth
  • Gender Discrimination and Wrongful Termination During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Age of the At-Home Workplace
    • Lauren Saxe
  • Oil Multinationals and the Fight for Sustainability in Nigeria's Niger Delta
    • Andre Taylor
  • How the Many Recent Deaths of Malaysian Citizens Expose the Country's
    Corrupt Police System
    • Amy P. Lyons

Regional Systems coverage

  • Consulting with Consuls: Virgilio Maldonado Rodríguez and the Right of Consular Access
    • Fabian Kopp
  • Protections Against Inhuman Punishment Fails Migrants with Mental Illnesses in Europe
    • Hannah Friedrich
  • Issues of Surveillance in Bulgaria: Violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights
    • Danya Hamad

Special Symposium Column on Migrants, Asylees, and Refugee Rights

Symposium Summary

  • Reimagining the Refugee & Asylee Experience Through Law: Exploring U.S. Culpability and (Un)Exceptionalism
    • Thea Cabrera Montejo, Angela Altieri, Katherine Pratty, and Alexandra Curbelo


  • Filling the Protection Gaps for Climate Change and Disaster-Induced Migrants
    • Kimberly A. Erickson

Student Columns

  • Escaping Accountability: ICE Forcibly Sterilizes Detainees in Detention Centers
    • Mehraz Rahman
  • Unrepeatable Harms: Forced Sterilization at ICE Detention Centers
    • Sabrina Davis
  • A Particular Social Group: The Inadequacy of U.S. Asylum Laws for Transgender Claimants
    • Marnie Leonard

Special Joint COVID-19 Issue

Special Joint COVID-19 Issue

Special Joint COVID-19 Issue

Summer 2020

The pandemic has both demonstrated and exacerbated massive inequalities in our global system; it has provided an excuse for governments to claim authoritarian powers, and it has caused vulnerable communities to suffer disproportionally. This issue aims to provide both an overview of a few responses to the pandemic as well as a few legal frameworks in which to begin to address the underlying problems.

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