About Us

The Human Rights Brief is a student-run publication of AUWCL’s Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, established in 1994 as part of its long-standing commitment to human rights education and excellence in legal analysis and writing. For nearly 30 years, the Human Rights Brief has focused on providing concise, cutting-edge legal analysis of human rights issues for the international legal community. Student staff members have the opportunity to create and edit content for articles, organize symposia, and manage the Brief’s podcast, Human Rights Unscripted. The Human Rights Brief continues to work with practitioners to further scholarship and examine emerging issues in the disciplines of human rights and international humanitarian law.   

Our Mission & Vision


The Human Rights Brief, through our publication, podcast, and symposia, seeks to create human rights-focused content for advocates while supporting the professional development of our student staff members.


  • To produce critical legal analysis that is timely, thoughtful, relevant, and accessible;
  • To support civil and legal engagement with human rights issues;
  • To cultivate compassionate and creative lawyers;
  • To foster diversity of thought, perspectives, and experiences.

2020-2021 Senior Staff

Andrew Johnson

Samira elhosary

Samira is a 3L JD/MA candidate. She spent the summer after 1L as a judicial intern at the DC Superior Court gaining experience with criminal law and mental health diversion. Prior to law school, she earned her B.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University and has experience working with women's rights non-profits and community-based social justice organizations. In her free time, Samira enjoys baking and knitting.

Page Monji

kate morrow

Kate is a third year J.D. candidate from Princeton, Illinois. Prior to law school, Kate was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Pangkalpinang, Indonesia. As a law student, Kate is interested in how the environment, energy, and human rights are all intertwined in legal systems and across borders. Outside of law school, she loves ballroom dancing, afternoon museum trips, and exploring the outdoors.

Elena Gartner

Chris baumohl

Chris Baumohl is a 2L JD/MA student and a Public Interest/Public Service (PIPS) Scholar. He is a member of the Student Advisory Board for the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. He formerly worked as an open source analyst based in Jordan and Washington, DC, and is interested in national security, human rights law, and criminal defense.

Kate Morrow

Corrin Chow

Corrin Chow is our Managing Editor and a rising 3L. Corrin is passionate about sustinable restorative justice, decolonization, and combatting labor and sex exploitation by addressing immigration law loopholes. She is a Dean's Fellow with the National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project, worked as a Research Assistant for the Public International Law and Policy Group, and was a former member of the Student Advisory Board for the Center of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Outside of law school, you can find her chilling to lo-fi music and being outside for as long as possible. 

Kate Juon

Hailey ferguson

Hailey is from Orange County, CA and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2018 with Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations & Global Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. She is focusing on Civil Rights Law and Transitional Justice in an international context as a 2L, and is so excited to continue taking advantage of all of the opportunities the Brief and WCL at large have to offer. Hailey is also happy to talk your ear off about soccer, basketball, and conflicted antiheroes.

Megan McCullough

Elena Gartner

Elena Gartner (3L) received a B.A. in Anthropology and Spanish from Grinnell College, where she researched a grassroots environmental justice movement in Iowa, and before law school she worked at the intersection of human rights, education, and environmental issues in Southeast Asia for four years. At AUWCL, Elena is a Senior Staff member on the Administrative Law Review, a student attorney for the International Human Rights Law Clinic, and previously served as Managing Editor for the Brief.

Yousra Elkhalifa

maya martin tsukazaki

Maya Martin Tsukazaki (she/her) is a 2L from Washington state with an interest in immigrants' rights, citizenship, migration, and labor rights. Maya attended community college before completing her B.A. at University of Washington, where she studied international business and South Asian languages. Before law school, Maya worked in human resources at several non-profits. She became particularly interested in trauma-informed lawyering while volunteering as a sexual assault victim advocate. Maya spent her 1L summer at the DOJ Civil Rights Division and will intern at the ABA Center for Human Rights this fall. In her free time, Maya enjoys reading, cooking, tutoring ELL students, and learning new languages herself.

Brittany Stanek

Julio Sanchez

Julio A. Sanchez is currently a 3L at American University College of Law. His current focus of studies is in the areas of human rights, international criminal law and immigration. Having been born in Puerto Rico, an incorporated territory of the United States, he grew to have a different perspective in the laws governing the relationship between the island and the mainland. It was that perspective that lead him to want to study law. After getting to law school, however, he decided to focus on international law, in particular international criminal law. Julio is currently enrolled in the human rights clinic. He is also the regional systems editor of the Human Rights Brief. His interest mainly lies in politics, reading, games and soccer.

Samira Elhosary

Nora Elmubarak

Nora Elmubarak is our Symposium and Education Editor. Nora is a rising 2L from Huntsville, Alabama, but her family is originally from Sudan. Nora is passionate about International Human Rights and developing sustainable economic development and education programs in the Middle East and North Africa region. In her spare time, you can find Nora either taking photos or performing poetry at local open mic nights. She is very excited to bridge her passion for human rights and the law through this year's Human Rights Brief Symposium on Police Brutality!

Yara Calcano

Juliana carvajal yepes 

Juliana is a rising 3L born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. She graduated form the University of Miami and majored in Political Science and International Relations. Her passion has always been defending individuals against human rights violations and most recently although a little different she is extremely interested in food policy. At WCL, she has been a student attorney for the International Human Rights Law Clinic. In her free time, Juliana loves talking about nutrition, health and wellness and she manages her own fitness page on Instagram where she teaches busy professionals how to stay fit and healthy.

Lucia Canton

lauren lavare

Lauren is a rising 3L and is originally from Saratoga Springs, N.Y.. After her undergraduate studies Lauren served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the small sub- saharan African country of Malawi. After her two years of Peace Corps, Lauren moved to D.C. where she worked in refugee resettlement and immigration for four years before attending law school. During her 1L summer, Lauren returned to Malawi to clerk for the High Court (Appellate Court) where she assisted in researching and writing opinions for both criminal and civil cases. This summer Lauren worked with Philadalphia's DA's office as a Fair and Just Prosecution Fellow. Lauren has taken part in the Kolver Project Against Torture and PILPG's Lawyering for Peace Program. Lauren is a Note & Comment Editor for AULR and will be participating in Human Rights Clinic this year. Lauren is passionate about issues of rule of law and assisting countries establish accountable, fair, and empathetic justice systems. In her spare time she works at Orangetheory Fitness and with Professor Saez, hangs with her cat, and goes outside every hour to take out her new puppy.

Kubra Babaturk

Kubra Babaturk

Kubra graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in International Relations and Global Studies, with minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic and tracks in Science, Technology, and the Environment and Culture, Media, and the Arts. As a law student, she is currently on the Administrative Law Review and is the Associate Features Editor at SDLP. She is spending her 1L summer as a Public Law Fellow at the Legal Aid Society and also conducting research on environmental justice as a part of Professor Snape’s EJ team, and is particularly looking at the intersection of sustainability and urban planning. She spends her free time with foster cats and failing at many art projects.


2020-2021 Junior Staff