2020 Summer Activities

Resolving Climate Change-Related Disputes Through Arbitration

Thursday, May 28 at 6:00PM.

Speakers: Francisco Jijón, Partner and Alvaro Peralta, Associate, White & Case LLP. 

This conference will provide an overview of climate change-related arbitration, including commercial and treaty-based arbitration, and explore recent developments and initiatives in this space.  The speakers will discuss how climate change disputes arise, highlights prominent legal considerations raised, and considers proposed amendments to procedural rules for addressing climate-specific disputes.  

In recent years, researchers have warned that significant changes in energy, infrastructure, and industrial systems will be required to address the effects of climate change. It is predicted that these transitions will give rise both to new investments and new legal disputes.  In fact, resolving climate change-related disputes through international arbitration has been an important and growing point of discussion in the arbitration community.  By the end of the lecture, participants will have the tools to articulate and assess matters pertaining to the evolving area of climate change arbitration