2019 Summer Seminars

Mediation: Theory & Practice

May 28 - 30 (Tuesday to Friday) 9:00am-12:10pm
Professors: Hernando Otero 
The curriculum revolves around a structure of phases that occur in nearly every mediation. Each phase will be examined and discussed, and then workshop participants will take on the roles of mediators and advocates and actively take part in that phase of the mediation process. They will receive expert coaching advice along the way. In addition, the course will touch on issues associated with building a practice, with ethical codes and guidelines, with international growth in the field, and more. A certificate of attendance issued by WCL will be awarded to the participants.

Registration deadline: May 28, 2019, subject to space availability.
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)

Introduction to the Practice of International Commercial Arbitration

May 28 - 30 (Tuesday to Friday) 2:00pm-5:10pm.
Professor: Stacie I. Strong
Provides a general overview of international commercial arbitration focusing on the following key issues: general explanation of the different institutions and rules of arbitration, institutional and ad-hoc arbitration, when to arbitrate and when to litigate, and how to draft an arbitration clause.

Registration deadline: May 28, 2019, subject to space availability.
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)

ICC Arbitration

May 28 - 30 (Tuesday to Friday) 6:00pm-9:10pm
Professor: Louis Kimmelman.
Guest Speakers: Ann Marie Whitesell, Dana MacGrath, 
The course will address the organization of the ICC Court and its Secretariat; main aspects of the ICC rules of Arbitration; and will analyze specific ICC cases to illustrate how procedural and substantive law issues are dealt with in ICC arbitration in practice.

Registration deadline: May 28, 2019, subject to space availability.
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)

Practical Skills & Cross-Examination in International Commercial Arbitration (Advocacy Seminar)

June 3 - 6 (Monday to Thursday) 2:00pm-5:10pm
Professors: Michael Jaffe & Jack McKay 
This seminar is designed to provide students with essential advocacy skills required to participate in an arbitration, including the cross-examination of witnesses. Participants will gain their skills by acting as counsel for a party to a mock arbitration under the rigorous scrutiny of a leading arbitration practitioner.

The faculty will conduct training on advocacy skills with the help of PowerPoint presentations. Participants will act either on behalf of the claimant or the respondent and conduct a mock arbitration. The faculty will analyze each performance and make suggestions for improvement at the end of the hearing.

Prerequisites for WCL credit students:
Students must have taken on of the following courses:
1) International Commercial Arbitration (LAW- 789-001): Grigera Naón - Frutos Peterson.
2) Practical Aspects of International Dispute Resolution (LAW-795AD-001) Sobota - Kotuby.
3)Having taken or being enrolled in the following summer courses: 
Introduction to the Practice of International Commercial Arbitration (Sasson & Shore) LAW 780S-001.
Arbitraje Comercial Internacional (Grigera Naón & Frutos Peterson) LAW-789-002.

CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)
Registration deadline: June 8, 2019, subject to space availability

Investor-State Arbitration

June 3 - 6 (Monday to Thursday) 6:00pm-9:10pm 
Professors: Stanimir Alexandrov, Jennifer Haworth McCandless 
Guest Speaker
s: Marinn Carlsona and Jim Mendenhall

Provides an overview of arbitration under Investment Treaties – including NAFTA (Chapter 11) arbitration – and ICSID Arbitration of Disputes under Investment Treaties. The course will also address “hot topics” in Investor-State Arbitration including transparency and third party participation, denial of justice and resort to local courts, provisional measures, parallel proceedings and diplomatic protection, substantive issues in annulment proceedings, proposals for appeal mechanisms, and enforcement of awards. The class will include a presentation by a representative from ICSID and presentations by several guest speakers experienced in treaty arbitration.

Registration deadline: June 3, 2019, subject to space availability
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)

Damages and Compensation in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration

June 10 - 13 (Monday to Thursday) 9:00am-12:10pm.
Professor: Leonardo Giacchino.
The course will provide practical knowledge to understand the determination of damages and compensation in arbitration.  The course is designed to navigate the economic, financial and accounting aspects of an arbitration and to acquire the tools for successful participation in discussions of all aspects of valuation in arbitrations.

Registration deadline: June 10, 2019, subject to space availability
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)

International Arbitration and Choice-of-Law Issues

Professor: Horacio Grigera Naón
Deals with practical aspects of choice-of-law problems in international arbitration cases concerning both the procedure and the merits. The main goal of this course is, by analyzing different arbitral awards, to teach the various choice-of-law approaches observed by international commercial arbitrators when making applicable law or rules of law determinations and how these approaches have evolved thorough the years. The course aims to contrast the choice-of-law reasoning of arbitrators with those of national courts of law when confronted with the same or similar issues.

Registration deadline: TBD, subject to space availability
CLE: 10 CLE credits (12 if NY)