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Summer 2013 - AU Campus Store - 
Course Type Title Syl Cr Instructor Cur Lim Days Rm From To
LAW-719L-001 HLP 1st Amend-Off-Label Promotion   1 CANCELLED            
LAW-707-001 L&G Adv Constitutional Law   1-4 Wermiel     MTWTh 503 09:00AM 06:00PM
LAW-769-008 Adv Ext Supervision x 1 Pascocello     M 501 06:00PM 07:00PM
LAW-843-001 L&G Adv Iss Immigr Polcy & Litigation   1 Wermiel     MTWTh   09:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-929-001 Adv Legal Resrch&Wrtng On-line class (Must attend class May 18, 2013)   2 Kaufman, Taylor     S   09:00AM 01:00PM
LAW-929-002 Adv Legal Resrch&Wrtng On-line class(Must attend class May 18, 2013)   2 Kaufman, Taylor     S   09:00AM 01:00PM
LAW-795-019 ICA Adv Sem: Prac Skll & Cross E   1 Jaffe, McKay     MTWTh 402 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-881-001 L&G Adv. Prob. in Ad Law & Reg Pol   1-4 Wermiel     MTWTh 503 09:00AM 09:00PM
LAW-795FF-001 ICA Advocacy-Intl Arbitration (Pre- or Co-requisite LAW-795-019)   1 TBD     FS 415 09:00AM 06:00PM
LAW-847-001 Appellate Advocacy   3 Bushman Smith     T 500 06:30PM 09:15PM
LAW-795-018S ICA Arbitrahe Inversionist-ES   1 Frutos-Peterson, Claudia     MTWTh 503 10:00AM 01:00PM
LAW-789-002 ICA Arbitraje Comercial Intl   1 Grigera-Naon, Frutos-Peterson     TWThF 528 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-795-019S ICA Aspectos Pracicos-Proc Arbitr   1 Romero, Mantilla     MTWTh 100 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-795G-001 CLB Brazil-US Legal&Juducial Systems   1 Messitte     MTWTh 528 09:30AM 05:30PM
LAW-844-001 ENV CANCELLED x 1              
LAW-795II-001 P HLP CANCELLED   1              
LAW-795BP-001 LS Civil Trial Advocacy x 2 E. Christian, Jackson     MTWThSSU 528 09:00AM 04:00PM
LAW-695-001 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 C. Day, Winfree     T 528 06:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-508-001 Criminal Procedure I (Meets 5/28-6/26)   3 Tsai, Robert L     MW 100 06:00PM 09:30PM
LAW-795BQ-001 LS Depositions-Expert Witnesses x 1 Armstrong, Mudd     WThS 503 06:00PM 09:30PM
LAW-795BE-001 LS Depositions-Fact Witnesses x 1 Pilger, Schmitt     MTS 503 09:00AM 04:00PM
LAW-620-002 AHR ADH Derecho Internat Humanitario   1 Valencia Villa     MTWThF 401 04:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-861-002 AHR ADH Derechos Econ, Soc y Cultural   2 Sotomayor, Texier     MTWThF 528 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-795HH-001 ENV Devl Finan & Environment x 1 DiLeva     MTWTh 351 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-795BF-001 LS Digital Presentations meets F 9A- x TBD     F 528 09:00AM 04:00PM
LAW-795BR-001 AC Doing Business Abroad: Corruption Risk & Mitigation x 1 Boswell, Parkinson, Mark Mendelsohn, Ware, Fox     MTWThF 445 01:00PM 03:30PM
LAW-795BV-001 AC Doing Business in the U.S.: the Legal Anti-corruption Framework x 1 Schneider, Thornburgh, Metcalfe     MTWThF 351 09:00AM 11:30AM
LAW-795BX-001 AC Doing Business with Multilateral Development Banks x 1 Zimmermann, Hawkes, Benitez, Low     MTWTh 627 04:00PM 07:00PM
LAW-861-001 AHR Econ, Soc, Cultural Rghts   2 de Schutter     MTWThF 504 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-870BL-001 ElJuicioOralenAmerLatina   1 Duce, Riego     ThF 601 09:00AM 12:30PM
LAW-795-010 ENV Env Law & US Congress x 1 Angell     TWThF 403 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-795-014 ENV Environmental Compliance and Enforcement   1 Markowitz     TWThF 527 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-659A-001 EU Law Policy & Diplomacy   2 CANCELLED            
LAW-739C-001 AHR European Human Rights Law   2 Zwaak     MTWThF 313 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-795-015 Eurpean Union & Climate Change   1 CANCELLED            
LAW-633-001 Evidence   4 Correia, E.     TTh 524 06:00PM 08:45PM
LAW-633-002 Evidence   4 Gross, J.     MW 524 07:00PM 09:45PM
LAW-968-001 Evidenry Founda & Objctns x 3 Boals, Lippy     W 528 06:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-788-001 Federal Regulatory Process   3 Nelson, Eisner     TTh 601 06:00PM 08:10PM
LAW-719B1-001 HLP Fraud&Abuse Workshop x 1 Maida, Tinker     MT 415 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-795NN-001 T HTL Gaming & Resorts Law x 1 Shapiro, S.     WTh2-6 F8:30-12:30 314 02:00PM 06:00PM
LAW-719H1-001 HLP Health Care Fraud & Compliance I x 1 Scielzo, Asha     MT 415 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-719H2-001 HLP Health Care Fraud & Compliance II x 1 Scielzo, Asha     WTh 415 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-795-022 AHR Hmn Rghts&Intl Tribunals   1 Cancado Trindade     MTWThF 401 04:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-795SS-001 AHR Human Rights & Development   2 Darrow, Wachenfeld     MTWThF 314 04:30PM 07:00PM
LAW-795-037 ENV Hydraulic Fracturing "Fracking" Law & Policy   1 Leiter, Amanda Cohen     MTWThF 415 02:00PM 04:30PM
LAW-870C-001 AHR ADH Implement DDHH-Derecho Intern   2 Gonzalez,Uprimny,Ayala     MTWThF 524 02:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-870-002 AHR ADH Impunidad y Justicia Internac   2 Mendez,Cassel, Odio Benito     MTWThF 601 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-795-017 ICA Intl Arb & Choice of Law Iss   1 Grigera-Naon     MTWTh 501 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-617-001 ENV Intl Business & the Environment x 1 Morrill, LaMotte     TWThF 527 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-795-032 ENV Intl Climate Change Negotiations x 1 Porter     MTWThF 445 06:30PM 09:00PM
LAW-795-003 IOLD Intl Development Organizatns   2 Barbone     MTWThF 526 04:00PM 05:45PM
LAW-719-005 HLP Intl Hmn Rghts Law&Glbl Hlth   1 CANCELLED            
LAW-620-001 AHR Intl Humanitarian Law   2 Williamson, Hampson     MTWTh 500 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-737-001 ENV Intl Instu & Envr Protection   2 Hunter, David B     MTWTh 103 10:00AM 12:30PM
LAW-725R-001 AHR Intl Justice for HR Violation   2 Brody, Anderson     MTWThF 500 04:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-736-001 P IP Intl Technol Licensng Agreemn x 2 Erauw, Johan Achiel     MTWTh 627 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-681-001 ENV Intl Wildlife & Biodiversity x 1 Downes, David R.     MTWThF 351 06:30PM 09:00PM
LAW-795OO-001 T HTL Intro to Hospitality Law x 1 Gorman     M8:30-6, T8;30-12 314 08:30AM 12:30PM
LAW-795-020B P IP Intro to Intl IP Practicum x 1 Flynn     MTWTh 100 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-795-020 P IP Intro to IP Part 1 Fndtns   1 Carroll, Michael W     MTWTh 100 09:00AM 12:00PM
LAW-789-001 ICA Intro to the Practice of ICA   1 Shore, Sasson     TWThF 100 02:00PM 05:00PM
LAW-795-018 ICA Investor-State Arbitration x 1 Kalicki     MTWTh 402 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-795-021 P IP IP & Sustainable Developmnt   1 De Beer, Jeremy     WTh 627 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-795QQ-001 P IP IP Mgmnt & Busnss Strategy x 1 Wimbly Martin     F 101 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-795CC-001 P IP IP Protctn of Mobile Apps   1 Grossman, J.     MT 627 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-870BN-001 LasReformas Civiles en las Am   1 Pereira     MTWThF 601 11:00AM 12:30PM
LAW-754-009 Law & Government Ext. x 1-6 Tenney            
LAW-662-001 IOLD Law of Intl Organizations   2 Andersen     MTWThF 526 09:00AM 10:45AM
LAW-795-011 IOLD Law&Dplmcy in Regnl Orgnztns   3 Ukata, Portales, Acharya     MTWThF 526 11:00AM 01:15PM
LAW-719-001 HLP Law&Pol of Hlth Insur Exchngs x 1 Meneses     MTWTh 526 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-795-004 IOLD Law&Politicsof IntlCrim Court   2 Bosco     MTWThF 500 02:00PM 03:45PM
LAW-849-001 Legal Drafting: Litigation x 2 Michelman     T 415 06:00PM 08:45PM
LAW-550-001 Legal Ethics x 2 Lawlor     T 101 06:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-550-002 Legal Ethics x 2 Szabo     W 601 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-870-006 AHR ADH Libertad de Expresion   2 La Rue, Botero     MTWThF 503 04:30PM 07:45PM
LAW-870B-001 AHR ADH Litigio y Activismo en DDHH   2 Abramovich, Krsticevic     MTWThF 402 02:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-769-013 Long Dist Ext Sem: Domestic   3 Ohm     MTWTh   09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-769-012 Long Dist Ext Sem: Domestic   3 CANCELLED            
LAW-769-011 Long Dist Ext Supervis: Domestic & International   3 Blumberg            
LAW-795PP-001 T HTL Mangmnt Agrmnts&Opertng Agrm x 1 Migdal     T2-6, WTh8:30-12:30 351 02:00PM 06:00PM
LAW-870-004 AHR ADH Mujeres Y el Derecho Intl DDH   2 Mantilla, Roa     MTWThF 528 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-795BA-001 P IP PatntPools,Tech Stds, Netwrk x 1 Eltzroth     MTWTh 627 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-795BC-001 P IP Pharm Patent Iii/HatchWaxman x 1 Sukduang     FS 601 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-719-009 HLP Pharmaceuticals & Law x 1 Kracov     MT 601 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-795BD-001 P IP PharmPatentProtect&Enforcemen x 1 Cubert, Doshi, Grossman, J.     WTh 627 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-719K-001 HLP Public Health Litigation x 1 Pierce     MT 500 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-725-001 AHR Regionl Apprchs to HR   2 Burgorgue-Larsen, Roque, Heyns     MTWThF 313 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-872-001 L&G RegLaw&Pol:Finan Reg Reform   1 Wermiel     MTWTh 503 09:00AM 09:00PM
LAW-673-001 Remedies x 3 Newton     TTh 100 06:30PM 08:40PM
LAW-719O-001 HLP Reproduction Genetics Tech & Law   1 Crockin     WTh 500 09:00AM 05:00PM
LAW-989S-001 AHR RghtsofDisadv&Vulnrbl Grps   2 Alfredsson, Cohen     MTWThF 103 02:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-795-012 IOLD Role of Intl Orgs,Crisis Situ   2 Vogel     MTWThF 526 06:30PM 08:15PM
LAW-795-016 ICA Salient Iss in ICC Arbitra   1 Kimmelman, White     TWThF 402 06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-870-001 AHR ADH Sistema DDHH de las UN   2 Portales, Araya, Pocar     MTWThF 103 04:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-725-002 AHR Sistema Inter-Amer de DDHH   2 Grossman, Martin, Rodriguez-Pinzon, Alvarez Icaza, Saavedra     MTWThF 524 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-795BZ-001 JRLA Slctd Topics-US CivilJstcSys   1 TBD     MTWThF   02:00PM 05:30PM
LAW-795BY-001 JRLA SlctdTopics: US Crim Justc Sy   1 TBD     MTWThF 601 02:00PM 05:30PM
LAW-769-009 Small Group Ext Supervision   1 Klepper     T 313 05:30PM 06:20PM
LAW-769-010 Small Group Ext Supervsn Sem x 1 Deckert     W 501 06:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-769-001 Supervised Ext Seminar   3 Kempler     M 415 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-002 Supervised Ext Seminar   3 LeBlanc     M 403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-003 Supervised Ext Seminar   3 Ginsburg     T 403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-005 Supervised Ext Seminar x 3 Jacobs, C.     W 313 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-007 Supervised Ext Seminar x 3 Popper     Th 415 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-004 Supervised Ext Seminar   3 Jones-Bosier     T 504 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-769-006 Supervised Ext Seminar x 3 Bills     W 403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-829-001 ENV Trade&Envrn in Americas   2 Snape     MTWThF 100 09:00AM 05:30PM
LAW-662S-001 AHR UN Human Rghts System   2 Joseph     MTWThF 313 02:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-795BU-001 AC United NationsConvention Against Corruption x 2 Kos     MTWThF 314 09:00AM 03:30PM
LAW-870BP-001 JRLA VisiondelaReforma-justcia   1 Duce, Riego     MTW 601 09:00AM 12:30PM
LAW-795VR-001 L&G Voting Rights Institute   1 Wermiel     MTWTh   06:00PM 09:00PM
LAW-697-001 Wills Trusts Estates   4 Edmisten     MW 602 06:30PM 09:15PM
LAW-739D-001 AHR Women & Intl Humn Rghts Law   2 Cook, Abi-Mershed     MTWThF 403 10:30AM 12:20PM