Heath Care Compliance Certificate Approval Process

The following describes The Health Care Compliance Certificate Program approval process for students who are currently enrolled in a J.D. or LL.M. program at American University Washington College of Law. No application is necessary prior to enrolling in the required courses, but students who are interested in earning the certificate should contact Professor Asha Scielzo (scielzo@wcl.american.edu) as soon as possible for academic advising.

Any student who anticipates successfully completing the certificate requirements by the end of the final semester of his/her degree program must email Professor Scielzo his/her transcript along with a summary of the courses taken to satisfy the Certificate requirements. An unofficial transcript will be accepted. This email must be sent to Professor Scielzo at the start of the final semester of his/her degree program.  Professor Scielzo will confirm receipt, conduct an initial review, and provide unofficial approval if the student is on track to meet the requirements. 

After the final semester ends, Professor Scielzo will ask the Registrar to certify that the student has earned an average of 3.0 or higher within the courses the student completed to fulfill the Health Care Compliance Certificate requirements. Professor Scielzo will then issue the Health Care Compliance Certificate to the student and inform the Compliance Certification Board of his/her achievement.