Here at WCL, we invest in more than our students’ academic and professional development: we believe in supporting the whole student. A student’s health and well-being is our first priority, and the Office of Student Affairs works to provide students with the self-care tools they need to succeed in law school and beyond.

It takes a healthy and happy law student to become a sharp and prepared lawyer. Our office offers on-site personal counseling four days a week, as well as ongoing Wellness programming in Mindfulness, Yoga, and Recreation.

There are many ways to practice self-care while here at WCL, and our office tries lead by example. Dean Jaffe seeks self-care each day by being in the moment with each of his two daughters. Shira unwinds by reading a good book outside. The point is, find what helps bring you balance and the ability to re-charge; if there’s any way our office can help, our door is always open.

Self-Care and Counseling

Whether familial, financial, academic, or otherwise, the Office of Student Affairs assures a safe space in which students can work through matters affecting them. In conjunction with the American University Counseling Center, we have a licensed clinician on-site several days a week for personal counseling. We urge students not to wait for small matters to become major issues. The Office of Student Affairs will look to resolve issues promptly and directly or to connect students to further assistance as needed.

For more information on counseling at WCL, click here. For a map that shows the AU Counseling Center, click here.

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Find More Wellness Resources

Whether you are looking to understand nutrition, boost your overall well-being, or learn stress management skills, here are more resources that can help you stay healthy or find help when you need it.