Information About Our Forms

Our Forms:

For convenience and efficiency, all of our downloadable forms are "fillable." Make sure you:

  • type in the text fields 
  • add checks to boxes
  • sign and date where necessary

If the form does not appear to be fillable, look for an option at the top of your browser to "open the document in a different viewer." 

If you encounter any issues, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

Your Forms:

If you have forms for our office to complete on your behalf please:

  • fill out, sign, and date your portion 
  • email the form to us
  • include your AU ID number
  • let us know whether you'd like the form
    • emailed back to you
    • mailed 
    • available for pickup in our office

Signed forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at

Roadmaps to Graduation

Review the Roadmaps to Graduation to ensure you are on track to graduate here. (AU login required).

Independent Study

Request permission to engage in supervised research with a currently appointed faculty member in an area of interest.

*If you are writing a paper for your independent study contract that will also satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement, your independent study must be at least 2 credits.

This form must be submitted to by the posted deadline for independent study registration on the academic calendar.

Independent Study - For Competitions

Request permission to engage in supervised research with a currently appointed faculty member for participation in a competition.

Every independent study contract for competitions must be signed by Assistant Director of Student Competitions Brittany Gail Thomas before being submitted to our office for processing. Please email Professor Thomas or drop off forms for signature in C110.

This form must be submitted to by the posted deadline for independent study registration on the academic calendar.

Request for Administrative Action - Overload

This form is used to request permission to increase your semester credit maximum.

If you are a part-time student, you can request to take 12 or more credits, but no more than 17. Please be aware that you will be charged the full time tuition rate for taking 12 credits or more.

If you are a full-time student, you can request to take a maximum of 17 credits.

Please submit this form to your academic advisor Sarah Stanley and CC

Request for Administrative Action - Part Time Load

For full-time students who wish to take less than 12 credits in a semester.

Please be aware that this could affect your residency requirement and/or financial aid, so please review the policy.

Please submit this form to your academic advisor Sarah Stanley and CC

ULWR Certification

The Office of the Registrar must receive this signed form to process your ULWR certification.

Read the ULWR How to Guide.

Read the ULWR FAQs.

Read the Upper-Level Writing Requirement policy.

Once the form is signed, please submit it to

If your professor has certified your paper to be published in Pence Law Library, please have your professor sign a separate copy of this form and submit it, along with a digital copy of your paper, to the library for publication. The Office of the Registrar does not accept copies of ULWR certified papers for publication.

Request for Administrative Action - Divisional Shift

For students who wish to transfer from the full-time to the part-time division, or from part-time to full-time division.

Please read our policy on divisional shifts.

Please submit this form to

Request for Registration Action

To request to:

  1. Add a course after the add/drop period has ended
  2. "Drop" a course (without a transcript notation of "W")
  3. Withdraw from a course with  a "W" after the add/drop period has ended

Return this signed form to

Read the policy regarding course drops or withdrawals.

If you are looking to register for externship fieldwork credits, please submit an application to the Externship Office.

Exam Deferral Request Form

Please read about our policy regarding deferring exams.

To submit an exam deferral request, please submit this form. Direct any questions regarding exam deferral requests to

Study Elsewhere for WCL Credit

If you wish to study at another school for a semester and have those credits counted toward your JD matriculation at AUWCL. You must receive pre-approval to take courses outside of WCL to count toward your JD.

Review the policy and requirements.

Please submit this form to

Degree Audit

To start, we recommend that you have an advising session with the Associate Director of Academic Advising and Policy Development Sarah Stanley.

Schedule an appointment with Sarah Stanley here.

If you would like a formal degree audit, please email from your AU email.

Request for Certification

1) If you are a current student in need of an enrollment letter with very specific language that is not covered by the enrollment verifications in MyAU.


2) If you are a graduate and wish to receive a letter verifying your degree conferral.

Please complete and submit this form to

For certifications related to applying to the bar, please click here

For a letter of good standing for transfer, please click here

Externship Contract

For students interested in receiving academic credit for substantive legal work. Please contact the Externship Office with any questions regarding this form as completed forms are only accepted by the Externship Office.

You must register for an externship seminar (LAW-769) and then submit an application for the externship fieldwork credits (LAW-899) through the Externship Office.

Release Educational Records Request

To confirm or release non-directory information about your educational record (i.e. ranking, GPA, copies of files in your educational file, etc) to a third party or to yourself.

If you are submitting this form related to your bar application, please submit it to and complete the bar certifications request portal; for any other reasons, please submit this form to

Personal Data Change (Name, SSN, Gender)

Please return this form to or the Office of the Registrar (C107) along with photo identification and/or legal documents confirming the change(s) requested.

All personal data change requests presented without the required photo identification and/or legal documentation will not be processed. 

Withdraw From ALL Classes

Please complete and submit this form to if you have decided to take a leave of absence, withdraw from the school, or transfer to a different school. 

May Commencement Ceremony Participation Request (for August/December Graduates only)

**August and December graduates**:

Please complete and submit this form to if you would like to participate in WCL's annual May commencement ceremony.

You must fill out this form if you will be attending the WCL May commencement ceremony or your name will not be called during the ceremony.

**Students graduating in May do not need to fill out this form.**

Certification Letter to Invite Foreign Citizens to Commencement

Please complete and submit this form to if you would like to invite your family/friends living abroad to attend WCL's annual May commencement ceremony. Please allow three business days for processing these requests.