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Important Note Regarding Disbursements & Living Expense Refunds - 
(from the AUWCL Financial Aid Award Notice Email)
The Office of Student Accounts disburses all eligible funds to the school no sooner than 10 days prior to the start of classes each semester. For fall 2023, the first day of classes is August 25 with funds disbursing on or after August 15. For spring 2024, the first day of classes is January 16 with funds disbursing on or after January 6. Living expense refunds, if applicable, are processed by the Office of Student Accounts and generally received by eligible students beginning the first week of classes. Funds cannot be received early. For questions regarding living expense refunds, including direct deposit, please email the Office of Student Accounts at aucentral@american.edu.

The Financial Aid Office provides counseling and resources relevant to financing your legal education. We offer expert advice on maximizing your institutional aid, minimizing your federal loan borrowing, budgeting, and loan repayment.

Your legal education is a major investment and you are urged to begin planning your finances as the admissions process begins. The Washington College of Law maintains a variety of financial aid programs that assist in making law school more affordable.

The Financial Aid Office looks forward to working with you to help develop your law school financial plan.

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Veterans Benefits

The AUWCL Financial Aid Office proudly partners with the Veterans Center on American University's main campus to support and assist veterans pursuing a legal education.

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