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Through the generosity of the Wolpoff Family Foundation, AUWCL is able to offer a limited amount of funding to students that are facing an unexpected, immediate, and temporary personal hardship that puts their ability to successfully progress in their classes at risk. The emergency funds are available to currently matriculated WCL students on a first come, first served basis until committed funds are exhausted, and there is no application deadline.

Awarded emergency funding may be classified as taxable income to the recipient and require the University to make appropriate withholdings and report the payment information to the IRS. It may also impact a student's financial aid award. All funds are awarded solely at the discretion of the AUWCL Emergency Fund Committee and decisions are final.

  • Enrolled at Washington College of Law, and in good standing.

  • Explored all possible financial resources, including family resources, loans through AUWCL Office of Financial Aid, or scholarships through internal and external resources, and have deemed them insufficient, unavailable, or not available within the timeframe needed. Funds are not intended to substitute or supplement existing financial aid packages.

  • Complete the entire application and provide supporting documentation of financial hardship (i.e. bills, estimates, notices, photos/videos, etc.).

  • Expenses must have been incurred within 45 days of application if seeking reimbursement. 

  • Funds cannot be used to offset tuition and student fees and typical awards range between $250-$1500. To see eligible expenses, please see the list below. If your specific circumstance does not fall within the list, we encourage you to reach out to the Office of Financial Aid to see if you might still be eligible.

  • Emergency medical, vision, dental, and mental health expenses, associated medications, and associated travel costs not covered by insurance, including expenses related to hospital stays or emergency care, or those related to accidents and unforeseen events.

  • Unexpected immediate or imminent need for shelter (i.e., students experiencing homelessness or immediate loss of housing due to unforeseen events and significant change in financial circumstances). 

  • Essential utilities not incorporated in the cost of attendance and in danger of being shut off (e.g., electricity, water). 

  • Travel expenses in the event of serious illness or death in the applicant’s primary family. 

  • Replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, or natural disaster that are not covered by renter’s or other insurance.

  • Additional situations may qualify based on specific circumstances.

  • Tuition, room and board, student fees, insurance, and study-abroad expenses 

  • Legal/court fines, counsel, or fees 

  • Parking permits or tickets, library fines, or other similar expenses 

  • Non-essential services and revolving credit line payments (including but not limited to cable, credit card, cell phone, subscriptions to streaming services, memberships, etc.) 

  • Costs of entertainment, conferences/professional development opportunities, recreation, food, or non-emergency travel.

  • Long-term coverage of any expenses beyond one month (30 days).

  • Students fill out the application form through this link

  • If after reviewing this form students have questions, they should email finaid@wcl.american.edu.

  • Funding applications will be acknowledged within seven (7) days and will then be reviewed by the Emergency Fund Committee.

  • As long as funds are available, eligible student applications will be awarded funds on a case by case, first come first served basis after considering the following factors:

      • The level of impact the emergency/hardship is having on the student’s academic progress, safety, and overall personal well-being

      • The availability of funds at the time of the request.

  • Application must be completed with all required supporting documentation before it will be considered.  Application is reviewed on a rolling basis as long as funds are available.

  • Students must provide a timely response to requests for additional documentation or information. 

  • Typical awards range from $250-$1500.

  • Actual disbursement of payments/awards can take up to 30 days as they will be paid via direct deposit/ACH or check. Every effort will be made to quickly process payment.  Please note that the Finance Office may need to contact you for financial system information for purposes of payments.

  • All emergency fund requests are confidential, and details will only be shared amongst the administration offices needed to process the request. No information will be shared with a third party unless the student explicitly gives permission or reporting is required by law in instances of Title IX violations or crimes covered under the Clery Act.