Summer Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available through the Direct PLUS loan for qualifying students registered for a minimum of three (3) degree-applicable credits, which includes on-campus/online courses, externships, and study abroad programs. Please review the cost of attendance (below) to learn how living expense refunds, if applicable, are calculated. The summer term has a separate cost of attendance and receipt of summer financial aid does not affect eligibility in a future term.

Summer financial aid is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress, which is evaluated after all spring grades are finalized, and typically occurs in early to mid-June. Living expense refunds, if applicable, are generally available 5-7 business days after financial aid has disbursed to the school and cannot be released early.

Students enrolled at another institution visiting AUWCL for summer courses or programs are not eligible to receive financial aid through AUWCL and must work with their home institution to determine eligibility. Should the home institution require additional information related to the cost of attendance, please email

Please note: The Direct Unsubsidized loan and the following institutional financial aid are not available during the summer term: WCL need-based grant; Admissions, Dean’s, Faculty, Judicial, Jurist, WCL, WCL Achievement, and full-time Capital Merit Scholarships; and WCL restricted scholarships.

Federal financial aid is available to AUWCL students enrolled in an approved study abroad program (minimum of three credits). A separate cost of attendance is provided for each eligible program and includes tuition/fees, housing (during program dates only), books, transportation, and personal expenses. The costs of attendance are posted below when available.

FWS during the summer term provides a limited number of stipends to qualifying continuing students (JD only) working for an eligible off-campus public interest employer. Continuing JD students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online, as well as a separate AUWCL Summer FWS Application (linked below when available). Only U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens are eligible to apply for FWS.

The Summer FWS Application is completed in the spring semester and announced when available. Award determinations are made by the AUWCL Financial Aid Office based on available funding and the number of qualifying applicants. Additional paperwork is required for off-campus employers and all deadlines must be met to maintain eligibility. 

Per federal regulations, FWS awards are included in the summer cost of attendance and reduce the amount that may be borrowed for summer living expenses. Students must enroll in degree-applicable summer courses (3 or more credits) for the full length of the summer term. 

FWS awards are earned during the term and received via paycheck beginning approximately two weeks after the employment start date. The hourly rate is determined by the D.C. minimum wage. Students are expected to work 40 hours per week for a pre-determined (by the AUWCL Financial Aid Office) 10 week period. 

The summer 2022 application is closed. 

Minimum enrollment of 3 credits is required for federal financial aid awarded through an approved Direct PLUS Loan.

Summer 2022 Standard Charges:
Tuition (per credit) - $2,141
Student Fee (one-time) - $41

(Tuition x Numbers of Credits) + Student Fee = Billable Charges for Summer Term

For questions regarding billable charges for the summer term, please contact the AU Office of Student Accounts (

Additional Cost of Attendance Components:
Weekly Living Expenses - $700
Books/Supplies - $200 (allocation increases to $400 when enrolled in 6 or more credits)

Living expenses includes room, board, local transportation, and personal expenses. Allocation is determined by the dates of your classes, including one additional week for finals, and capped at ten weeks with a two week minimum requirement.

For students enrolled in full-term courses, including externship and independent study, the living expense component is based on 10 weeks, and a maximum refund of approximately $6,600 is anticipated, after federal loan fees are deducted.

In compliance with federal regulations, AUWCL’s policy is to use the average loan fees of all borrowers. Federal loan recipients may borrow up to an additional $91 per credit to help offset federal loan fees incurred at disbursement.

Summer 2022 Cost of Attendance

The summer financial aid application is made available annually in April with a priority deadline of May 1. An announcement will be made in the WCL On the Docket Email and the link will be posted here when the application is available. 

For eligible students who have completed all requirements, award notices are emailed in mid- to late May.

The summer 2022 application is closed.