Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Advanced Legal Methods (2L) (LAW-795AM-001)
Adeen Postar

Meets: 09:30 AM - 11:20 AM (W)

Enrolled: 4 / Limit: 22

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The primary goal of Advanced Legal Methods (ALM)ýis to strengthen students' legal problem-solvingýabilities. Students will improve how they learnýthe law so they can draw on their understandingýwhen analyzing the wide variety of legal problemsýthat they encounter in law school exams, the barýexam and in their legal practice. Fundamentalýlawyering skills such as reading comprehension,ýrule mastery, issue spotting, outlining, theýmechanics of legal analysis and strong writing areýappropriately emphasized. Throughout the course,ýstudents are provided with multiple opportunitiesýfor hands-on practice with focused drills, groupýexercises and workbook activities to directly andýindirectly sharpen the expression of these skills.ýALM enhances learning by providing students withýparticularized feedback from peers, professors andýexternal graders so that they can evaluate theirýwork and see a clear pathway for consistentýimprovement. To drive motivation and enhanceýlearning, ALM explicitly connects the learningýactivities to law practice and, more immediately,ýto law school and bar exam success.

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