Fall 2017 Course Schedule

Environmental Law (LAW-629-001)
Barry Breen

Meets: 07:25 PM - 10:15 PM (M) - Room Y115

Enrolled: 23 / Limit: 40

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Assessment: In-class exam, short-answer modified open book, and class participation including regular classes and an in-class exercise near the end of the course.


An overview of U.S. environmental law, including environmental planning statutes such as the National Environmental Policy Act, environmental product regulation statutes such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, pollution abatement statutes such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, and cleanup statutes such as Superfund. Domestic U.S. federal environmental statutes are the particular focus.

Textbooks and Other Materials

The textbook information on this page was provided by the instructor. Students should use this information when considering purchases from the AU Campus Store or other vendors. Students may check to determine if books are currently available for purchase online.

You need three items: (1) a casebook, (2) a statute book, and (3) supplemental materials. Details on each of the three follow. (1) The casebook is Glicksman et al., Environmental Protection: Law and Policy, 7th edition, 2015. (hardcover). Publisher: Wolters Kluwer / Aspen Casebook Series (ISBN: 978-1-4548-4935-3). Be sure to get the casebook's 7th edition. (2) The statute book is Selected Environmental Statutes, 2017-18 Educational Edition. Publisher: West Academic). (3) As the beginning of the semester draws near, the 2017 Supplemental Materials will be available for purchase directly from the law school in printed form, and will also be posted on the course's myWCL site. The casebook and the statute book may be purchased from any source, new or used.

First Class Readings

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