Fall 2013 Course Schedule

Law Plcy & Amerintell Actv Sem (LAW-822-001)

Meets: 06:00 PM - 08:40 PM (TH) - Room 526

Enrolled: 20 / Limit: 20

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Textbooks and Other Materials

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First Class Readings

For our first class please read “Professional Detachment: The Executioner of Paris,” 109 Harv. L. Rev. 458 (1995). We will examine the professional responsibilities and ethics of this professional executioner in carrying out a public policy that would be distasteful to many and discuss in class whether such ethics have any application to the following individuals and their actions: (1) The firing of the Independent Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox by then Acting Attorney General Robert Bork on orders of President Nixon (if you are not familiar with this situation just google “Saturday Night Massacre”); (2) The disclosures of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden; (3) The statement written from prison of former intelligence officer Ana Montes, convicted of spying for Cuba: “I owe allegiance to principles and not to any one country or government or person. I don’t owe allegiance to the US or to Cuba or to Obama or to the Castro brothers or even to God;” (4) The decision by the CIA following 9/11 to employ enhanced interrogation techniques, e.g., waterboarding, when directed to do so and after being advised by the Justice Department that such activities were legal. We will also discuss the scope of the course and the paper requirement. I will post a syllabus within the next few days. I look forward to meeting you on the 29th. James Zirkle