Spring 2020 Course Schedule

US Export Controls & Economic Sanctions (LAW-795EX-001)
Douglas Jacobson, Kaveh Miremadi

Meets: 06:00 PM - 07:50 PM (Th)

Enrolled: 21 / Limit: 22

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The course will provide students with aýcomprehensive introduction to U.S. sanctions andýexport controls, while also providing studentsýwith opportunities to develop practical skills inýthe practice of law through written work productsýand exercises involving sanctions and exportýcontrols. A guiding principle of the course willýbe to reinforce students' academic learning withýreal-life applications of that learning. Forýexample, exercises in class and for home willýrequire students to produce client memoranda,ýlicense applications, voluntary self-disclosures,ýand other common work-products produced byýpractitioners in this area of law.

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