Spring 2012 Course Schedule

Govt Litigation Externship Sem (LAW-769-001)

Meets: 04:00 PM - 05:50 PM (W) - Room 504

Enrolled: 13 / Limit: 15

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Co-requisite: LAW-899 Registering for your field placement credits is a separate process. Students must first register for a seminar and then go to www.wcl.american.edu/externship to submit a Request for Approval, which generates the necessary forms. Students with concerns about placement approval should speak with a member of the Externship Staff. Students are not registered for field credits until they submit the signed Registration Form to the Registrar.


Government Litigation Externship Seminar, Course number 769. This seminar is open to students who are externing at all different types of placements – courts, state and federal agencies, trade associations, non-profits, pro bono offices in law firms, prosecution or other law enforcement offices, public defender offices, etc. The more diverse the backgrounds, the better. The seminar explores some of the roles lawyers play in the private sector, public interest practice, and government. Federal and state agencies are among the most active litigants in the American legal system, bringing and defending a large volume of cases in courts and administrative tribunals. The experience of negotiating or litigating for or against the government has some special characteristics, but also shares characteristics common to all types of legal practice. Simulations are used to explore various aspects of litigation including depositions, negotiations, a narrative exercise, and a mediation. In addition, a good deal of time is devoted to the transition from student to lawyer and to the pragmatic and personal challenges relevant to entry-level lawyers in both private and government practice. Externship seminars provide students with an opportunity to engage in critical reflection about the legal profession, their own future legal careers, and their priorities and values as lawyers in conjunction with their field placement experiences.

Textbooks and Other Materials

The textbook information on this page was provided by the instructor. Students should use this information when considering purchases from the AU Campus Store or other vendors. Students may check to determine if books are currently available for purchase online.

All necessary materials will be provided by the instructor via MyWCL. There are no books to purchase. A note on the Reading Materials: When materials are posted on MyWCL, they are not necessarily placed in alphabetical order or in the order of coverage. The documents are best organized in 7 groups (referred to below as packets). I have listed them in the order of coverage. Packet 1 – syllabus, welcome. Packet 2 – Regulatory negotiation simulation Packet 3 Deposition simulation, ABA standards, 1 page Gibson article Packet 4 Mediation – Fourth Amendment Strategies - simulation Packet 5 Narrative Exercise – Simulation, guidance for narrative, Edwards article, Amsterdam chapter on narrative, Grutter – full decision Packet 6 Vicor simulation Packet 7 Antitrust Immunity simulation I look forward to seeing you this spring. AFP

First Class Readings

There are no readings for the first class. For the first class, come prepared to discuss your externship placement. The reading materials begin in week two.


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