Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Health Information Privacy & Data Security (LAW-719F-001)
Kirk Nahra

Meets: 04:00 PM - 05:50 PM (M)

Enrolled: 15 / Limit: 30

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The law of information privacy and data securityýis growing at enormous rates around the world.ýVirtually every industry is impacted. Nowhere isýthe set of legal and business challenges moreýcomplicated and important than in the health careýindustry. This course will review the coreýelements of the emerging law of informationýprivacy and security, through the lens of theýhealth care industry. We will review not only theýlaw but also the core policy issues affectingýhealth care businesses as well as the keyýstrategic issues for businesses that use or shareýhealth related data. We also will explore emergingýareas for privacy and information security,ýincluding new enforcement principles, issuesýrelated to security breaches and breachýnotification, and the emergence of "non-HIPAA"ýdata as a new challenge to the privacy and dataýsecurity regulatory structure. The goal for theýclass is to understand the key principles of theýdeveloping law in this area, but also to teachýwhat a lawyer actually does on these issues andýthe need to combine legal knowledge with practicalýanalysis and an understanding of businessýimplications.

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