Fall 2013 Course Schedule

US Criminal Law (LLM only) (LAW-507-001)
Ben Miller

Meets: 07:30 PM - 10:10 PM (M) - Room 101

Enrolled: 17 / Limit: 45

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LLM Only


U.S. Criminal Law, Law-507-001, Fall 2013 This course will introduce students to the American criminal justice system – from arrest to conviction. The class will begin with areas of American Criminal Law where students will learn what has to be proven to be convicted of various crimes, as well as different affirmative defenses available to defendants. We then will move on to American Criminal Procedure, with a focus on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, specifically when police can stop and search and a person’s right to remain silent and right to an attorney. Class discussions will focus on the required text book readings, as well as relevant, current cases and practical, real-world aspects of Criminal Law and Procedure.

Textbooks and Other Materials

The textbook information on this page was provided by the instructor. Students should use this information when considering purchases from the AU Campus Store or other vendors. Students may check to determine if books are currently available for purchase online.

1) Myron Moskovitz, Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Police (5th Ed), Lexis Nexis 2010 2) Myron Moskovitz, Cases and Problems in Criminal Law (6th Ed), Lexis Nexis 2012

First Class Readings

Week One (8/26/13): Mental State, Property Crimes Introduction, pp. 1-4, skim pages 5-13 Mental State, pp. 15-17 Mistake: p. 19, People v. Snyder pp. 24-29 Property Crimes: Larceny: p. 39, People v. Alamo pp. 42-47; People v. Olivo pp. 51-56; People v. Jennings pp. 57-65. Embezzlement: pp. 69-70; United States v. Titus pp. 72-73; United States v. Whitlock pp. 77-84; United States v. Selwyn pp. 84-87. Week Two (9/2/13): No class, Labor Day holiday Week Three (9/9/13): Property Crimes False Pretenses: p. 89; Chaplin v. United States pp. 91-95; Nelson v. United States pp. 96-101. Robbery: p. 111; Commonwealth v. Brown pp. 119-123; Commonwealth v. Rozplochi pp. 125-128; State v. Holley 131-134. Burglary: p. 137; Regina v. Collins pp. 139-145; Regina v. Jones pp. 146-150; People v. Davis pp. 152-160.


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