Human Rights Month

The Human Rights Month (HRMonth) is an annual event that features conferences in English and Spanish, workshops, a film festival, and a discussion of recent publications in the human rights sector. Through the Human Rights Summer, the Academy provides a forum for the education and discussion of human rights theory. Participants have the opportunity to share first-hand experiences, as well as network with fellow practitioners, scholars, and activists in the field.

During the HRMonth, the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is proud to announce its Panels: ¨The Experts Speak Series: Addressing Human Rights in Times of Crisis.¨ This series of panels aims to continue promoting human rights in both the academic and professional human rights community and will provide an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis as well as the response of states around the world. This series will encourage discussions regarding ways to prevent and denounce human rights violations in the ongoing crisis and its aftermath.

Human Rights Month - Past Events