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The Center's official statement on upholding
human rights in the face of adversity

For over twenty-five years, the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law has created and supported human rights initiatives both at home and abroad, focusing our expertise in the areas of impact litigation, torture prevention, human rights and business, disability rights and human rights education, among others. Our present climate, marked by pervading discrimination and fear, has reminded us not only of a continued need for vigilance, but of our duty to reaffirm to our partners, colleagues, students and friends our unwavering respect for justice, equality, tolerance and human rights.

In the coming weeks, we will hone in on areas where progress on the protection of civil liberties and the rule of law is not only possible, but necessary. We will work with those who are willing to promote, protect, and defend the human rights and personal dignity of all people. We will help our students to understand the importance of solidarity in the reaffirmation of our collective humanity. We will teach them what it means to show up; to not succumb to passivity, but to engage in our shared ethical obligation to defend the economic, social, cultural and political well-being and opportunities inherent to each human being.

This is our team. We stand ready to vehemently oppose all efforts to marginalize, degrade or stigmatize individuals on the basis of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or creed. We are steadfast in our core values and in our commitment to living these values through our programmatic priorities and messaging. Our voice will remain constant, not only in our local community but on the national stage and worldwide, fighting for the protection of the human rights of all people.


From the Human Rights Brief

The Human Rights Brief, a student-run publication of the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, reports on cutting edge developments in international human rights. The Brief publishes short articles and opinion pieces written by students, academics, and leading human rights practitioners from around the world. Content is run on www.HRBrief.org, the premier website for human rights news, analysis, and resources.


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