Official Rules

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We would like to bring to your attention some important changes to the Competition rules. These changes are based on feedback from teams, judges, and coaches, and are meant to make the Competition experience more fair and enjoyable for all participants. Please note some of the important changes below:

3.1.2 Fee for Current Year

The Team fee for the current Competition is listed in Appendix B. This fee covers the cost of two (2) Competitors and one (1) Coach. If the Team sends a second Coach, the fee will increase by an additional amount (see Appendix B). Teams, observers, and coaches are responsible for paying the wire fees should they choose to pay by bank transfer. If their payment arrives with less than the required amount due to wire transfer fees, the individual or university will be required to pay the difference upon arrival at the Competition.

8.4 Length of Memorial

The Memorial shall not exceed twelve thousand (12.000) words in total. All words and pages in the document will be counted including the Title Page, Table of Contents, Index of Authorities and footnotes. The Team must fit all required sections within the twelve thousand (12,000) words allotted to them. Failure to submit a Memorial within the designated length will be penalized (see Rule 8.8).

8.5 Format of Memorial

All pages of the Memorial, including the Title Page, shall be in Times New Roman, size twelve (12) font, double-spaced, have one-inch margins, and be set to U.S. letter size paper (8 ½" x 11"). The character spacing should be set to normal (condensed or expanded text will not be accepted). Failure to submit the Memorial in proper format will result in a penalty pursuant to rule 8.8.; additionally, Competition organizers will change the format to meet requirements.

8.8.2 Length

Memorials that exceed twelve thousand (12,000) words in length will be penalized 10 points. All sections, including footnotes are included in the twelve thousand (12,000) word limitation. (See Rule 8.4).

9.4.1 Pairings for the Semi-Final Round of Competition

Based on the ranking of scores of the top twenty (20) percent of Teams from the Preliminary Round, pairings in the Semi-Final Round of Competition are as follows: the highest-ranked VICTIMS and/or PETITIONERS and/or COMMISSION Team against the lowest-ranked STATE Team, the second-highest-ranked VICTIMS and/or PETITIONERS and/or COMMISSION against the second-lowest ranked STATE Team, and so on. In exceptional circumstances, the Technical Committee may make adjustments to the Semi-Final Round pairings in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the Competition. Such determinations will be made at the sole discretion of the Technical Committee.

11.1 General

Judging of the Oral Argument Sessions will be based on the organization of the presentation, quality and clarity of legal arguments and the ability to respond to opponent's arguments and questions from the Judges. Judges should complete all score sheets at the conclusion of each round prior to deliberating with each other. After all scores sheets have been delivered to the Bailiff, the Oral Argument Session will be over and judges should leave the room.