Official Rules

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We would like to bring to your attention some important changes to the Competition rules. These changes are based on feedback from teams, judges, and coaches, and are meant to make the Competition experience more fair and enjoyable for all participants. Please note some of the important changes below:

3.1.2 Fee for Current Year

The Team fee for the current Competition is listed in Appendix B. This fee covers the cost of two (2) Competitors and one (1) Coach. If the Team sends a second Coach, the fee will increase by an additional amount (see Appendix B). Teams, observers, and coaches are responsible for paying the wire fees should they choose to pay by bank transfer. If their payment arrives with less than the required amount due to wire transfer fees, the individual or university will be required to pay the difference upon arrival at the Competition.

10.5.2 Recording and Taking Notes (Generally)

While Participating Competitors, Coaches and Observers may observe other Participating Teams' Oral Argument Sessions, only the four (4) student Team Members (2 for the VICTIMS and/or PETITIONERS and/or COMMISSION and 2 for the STATE) giving their oral argument presentations, as well as one of the team's coaches and the Judges on the Bench, may take notes during the Oral Argument Session. No other individual in attendance may record (either in video or audio) or take notes of the proceedings. Anyone caught taking notes will be expelled from the courtroom and penalties may be awarded to Teams found violating this rule. The Coach that wishes to take notes must identify themselves at the beginning of the session, when prompted by the Bailiff. These notes may not be shared or discussed with members of other Teams.

11.1 General

Judging of the Oral Argument Sessions will be based on the organization of the presentation, quality and clarity of legal arguments and the ability to respond to opponent's arguments and questions from the Judges. Judges should complete all score sheets at the conclusion of each round prior to deliberating with each other. After all score sheets have been delivered to the Bailiff, Judges are allowed to give feedback to the Teams, in so long as it is not substantive argument assistance. Feedback from the Judges cannot exceed more than ten minutes so that the subsequent rounds are able to continue. Coaches are allowed to be in the room while the team members are receiving feedback from the judges. After the judges deliver their feedback, team members are allowed to ask the Judge Panel one clarification question, so long as it does not pertain to the substance of the case. The members of the Team, including their Coaches, may confer among themselves briefly before deciding what they wish to ask the Panel of Judges. It will be at the President's discretion to allot them the appropriate time to do so. The clarification question and subsequent response should not exceed the total 10 minutes which are allotted to feedback.