Official Rules

For the 2014 Official Rules, please click here.


We would like to bring to your attention some important changes to the Competition rules. These changes are based on feedback from teams, judges, and coaches, and are meant to make the Competition experience more fair and enjoyable for all participants. Please note some of the important changes below:



  • 2.7 Work Done by Team Members: All work completed with respect to the Competition, including but not limited to the research, writing and editing of the Memorial, the structure and design of the oral argument presentations, and the Oral Argument Sessions during the Competition, shall be completed solely by the two (2) registered Competitors. At no point should the Coach edit or modify the Memorial document. The document should be accessed solely by the two (2) Team Members.  Any allegation of violation of this rule will be reviewed by the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee may, at its sole discretion, impose a point penalty on the Team, as it deems appropriate, or disqualify the Team from the Competition if the allegation is found to be true.


  • 3.1.2 Fee for Current year: The Team fee for the 2014 Competition is $600 for all schools. This fee covers the cost of two (2) Competitors and one (1) Coach.  If the Team sends a second Coach, the fee will increase by $200, for a total of $800.


  • 4.1 General: Individuals who are registered neither as Competitors nor as Coaches may attend the Competition and participate in all the various activities associated with the Competition as Observers. Observers may not submit Memorials or present oral arguments. Observers are not considered Official Team Members and may not assist Participating Team Members with any research. However, throughout the Competition, Observers accompanying Teams will be treated as extensions of the Team and are subject to the same scouting rules as their school’s Team Members as outlined in Rule 10.5.


  • 5.3.1 Socializing with Participants: Judges may not socialize with any Coach or student Competitor at any time until the semi-final rounds have finished.


  • 6.1.1 Selection Criteria: The Technical Committee will review applications as received and will choose individuals to serve as Bailiffs based on the needs of the Competition and the applicant’s interest in the position. There are twenty (20) positions available, and once all positions are filled, registration will be closed.  Students attending schools that are participating in the Competition may not serve as Bailiffs except in exceptional circumstances, as decided by the Technical Committee. Please note changes to the rules regarding point deductions on the Memorials (See Rules 8.5, 8.5.1, 8.6.3, and 8.8.3).


  • 8.4 Length of Memorial: The Memorial shall not exceed thirty-five (35) pages in total. All pages in the document will be counted including the Title Page, Table of Contents, and Index of Authorities. The Team must fit all required sections within the thirty-five (35) pages allotted to them. Failure to submit a Memorial within the designated length will be penalized (see Rule 8.8).
  • 8.6.1 General: Each Team must submit its Memorial via electronic mail (e-mail) to the Technical Committee no later than the date and time provided in the Competition Calendar. The deadline is 11:59PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on the day indicated in the Calendar. Memorials received at any point after 11:59PM that day will receive the appropriate penalty. The Technical Committee’s e-mail address is Teams must submit one (1) electronic copy by the deadline in order to fulfill the requirements of the Competition. Failure to submit the electronic copy in the correct document type by the due date will result in the Memorial being considered incomplete and may result in penalties for lateness as listed in Rule 8.8.1.
  • 8.6.3 Electronic Copy: The electronic copy of the Memorial must be contained in its entirety in one Microsoft Word file. The file title should include the Team Number only (i.e. “100”). Untitled or improperly titled Memorials are subject to penalties (see Rule 8.8).The Technical Committee will not accept Memorials that are located on multiple files (i.e., one file for the Title Page and one file for the remainder of the Memorial) or files of any type other than Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx). Failure to submit in this format will result in the Technical Committee requesting another electronic copy of the Memorial, which may result in the overall submission of the Memorial being considered late. Each Team should contact the Competition staff immediately if it does not receive a confirmation receipt within 1 business day of submitting the Memorial. The electronic copy is the only copy of the Memorial that needs to be submitted. The first copy received by email will be considered the official submission of the memorial. The Technical Committee will not accept subsequent versions of the memorial, even if the deadline has not passed.


  • 9.4.3 Observation of Semi-Final Rounds: No Team Member or Observer of a Team that will compete in the Semi-Final Rounds may watch other Teams compete during the Semi-Final rounds.  Team Members must report to Competition headquarters by 8:30 AM the day of the Semi-Final Rounds to receive sequestration instructions from Competition staff.  Violation of this rule will be considered illegal scouting, and subject to the same consequences (see Rule 10.5.3). Teams must remain in sequestration until the last semifinal round has been completed. Teams are allowed to leave the sequestration rooms for meals, bathroom breaks, and medical emergencies. The Technical Committee will decide if other exceptions are to be made.
  • 9.6 Sharing of Memorials: The Memorials of opposing Teams may be exchanged prior to each Oral Round. The Technical Committee will make all efforts to maximize the time each side will have to review the opposing Team’s Memorial. The Technical Committee will make copies of the Memorials available online one (1) week prior to the Competition. Opponents’ Memorials will be provided in the language in which they were submitted. Memorials will not be translated. The Competition Organizer’s will make an effort to give out printed copies of opponents’ Memorials during check-in. However, this is not guaranteed. Failure to receive an opponent’s Memorial is not grounds for postponing an Oral Argument Session.


  • 10.5.1 General: With the exception of Rule 10.5.3, the Competition is open to the public. At any session, there may be other participating Team Members, Observers or others witnessing the oral round session. Spectators must check-in at the Competition Headquarters to receive credentials. No one will be allowed inside of a courtroom without credentials.

  • 10.5.2 Recording and Taking Notes (Generally): While Participating Competitors, Coaches and Observers may observe other Participating Teams’ Oral Argument Sessions, only the four (4) student Team Members (2 for the VICTIMS and/or PETITIONERS and/or COMMISSION and 2 for the STATE) giving their oral argument presentations, as well as the Judges on the Bench, may take notes during the Oral Argument Session. No other individual in attendance may record (either in video or audio) or take notes of the proceedings. Anyone caught taking notes will be expelled from the courtroom and penalties may be awarded to Teams found violating this rule.


  • 2.2 Unpublished Results: Those Teams who do not find their Memorial, overall, or individual scores published on the Competition Website may e-mail the Competition staff at and their scores will be sent in a response e-mail. Teams will have 90 (ninety) days after the Competition to request their results. After this, the scores will no longer be available.