Federal Title IV Code: 001434
Priority Deadline:March 1st

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Financial Aid Office
Capital 202
Phone: 202-274-4040
Fax: 202-274-4107
*All financial aid documents may be faxed*

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- Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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Your legal education is a major investment and you are urged to begin financial planning as you begin the admissions process. The Washington College of Law financial aid program is designed to assist you in filling the gap between your resources and educational costs. The law school, the university and a variety of federal and private lenders all offer resources which can be utilized to meet expenses. For most students the major portion of law school costs are met through loan programs. Loans are available through the Federal Stafford Loan and Graduate Plus Programs and through banks and other lenders.

Aid offered by the Washington College of Law is awarded on the basis of need. While assistance is available through our grant program, it is expected that you and your family will make a reasonable effort to contribute to your expenses from your own resources. Further, grant applicants are expected to exhaust all available resources including the maximum available under the Stafford Loan Program as a condition of grant consideration.