Summer 2021 Course Schedule

Public Procurement Corruption Risk & Mitigation: World bank Practice (LAW-864-001)
Nancy Boswell, Eugenia Pyntikova

Meets: 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM ( MTuWTh)

Enrolled: 3 / Limit: 22

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All summer 2021 classes will be taught online. Classes may have a combination of live sessions and asynchronous materials/assignments. The block of time listed here will be the maximum amount of live session meeting time expected of you and may decrease.


Corruption in public contracting adds toýthe cost, distorts decision-making and fairýcompetition, wastes public funds, jeopardizesýsustainable development and displaces basic publicýservices. This course analyzes procurementýcorruption-risks and red flags, how theýWorld Bank and other multilateral aid agenciesýdetect, investigate and sanction corruption,ýchallenges for contractors and defense counsel,ýand the oversight role of civil society.

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