Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Immgr Iss: Famly&Emplymnt (LAW-967-001)

Meets: 03:00 PM - 04:50 PM (Th) - Room 500

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For many people, the term "immigration law" brings to mind the areas of asylum and deportation (now known as "removal"); however, immigration law encompasses many additional areas. In certain circumstances, an employer can sponsor a foreign national for a nonimmigrant visa and/or a green card - this is generally referred to as employment-based immigration. Some foreign nationals can qualify for "green cards" (aka immigrant visas, aka permanent resident status) through sponsorship by certain close members of their families. Within the field of immigration law, we refer to this as "family-based immigration". This course, Immigration Issues: Employment and Family, focuses on these specific facets of immigration law. We explore, in a very detailed, practice-oriented way, the issues and procedures involved in handling these kinds of immigration cases. My goal is to have a very informal class setting that can be open to lots of discussion.

Textbooks and Other Materials

The textbook information on this page was provided by the instructor. Students should use this information when considering purchases from the AU Campus Store or other vendors. Students may check to determine if books are currently available for purchase online.

I have compiled a 1,000+ page course pack for use this semester. The course pack, entitled A Key to the Golden Door: A Guide to Family- and Employment-Based Immigration Law (Seventeenth Edition), will soon be available for downloading from the MyWCL Course Site or you can purchase a hardcopy of the course packet from the Copy Center.

First Class Readings

Prior to our first class on Thursday, August 28, please read Chapters 1 and 2 of the Guide. Even if you have not yet finalized your decision as to whether you will be taking this class, please download these 2 Chapters and have them available to you in class on August 28 – whether electronically or in hard copy – since we will be examining, in detail, many pages from these Chapters.


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