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Fall 2014
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Law of Nonprofit Organizations (LAW-852-001)

Meets: 02:00 PM - 03:50 PM (M) - Room 415

Enrolled: 19 / Limit: 22


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Law 852-001 Law of Nonprofit Organizations, Professor Leff Law of Nonprofit Organizations introduces the regulation of nonprofit organizations from both the federal tax and state regulatory standpoints. Students consider the major aspects of nonprofit regulation, including substantive law and the major public policy controversies over the proper role of tax-exempt nonprofit organizations emerging today. The course follows the life-cycle of a small charitable nonprofit by covering topics such as creation of the entity, structuring the board of directors, and dealing with charitable contributions, as well as more advanced topics like engaging in political and commercial activities. This course is designed to be taken simultaneously with the 1-credit add-on course: Leading and Counseling Nonprofit Organizations (LAW 795Z-001). Registration in both classes is not required but is strongly encouraged.

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