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Spring 2013
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Intl Reg of Secur Mkts (LAW-833-001)
Tata, Wong

Meets: 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM (F) - Room 526

Enrolled: 6 / Limit: 20


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This course will provide an introduction to the operation and regulation of securities markets in the context of modern international transactions, with an emphasis on U.S. and EU securities markets. At the end of the course, it is expected that students will have a solid grounding in the international structures that increasingly harmonize securities regulation throughout the world; the nature of international securities transactions and the legal framework in which they function; modern financial instruments that function on a global basis; and the major issues and challenges faced by the international securities markets and regulators resulting from the globalization of the securities markets, such as hedge funds. Using this groundwork, students should be able to continue their studies in depth in the various subtopics of the regulation of international transactions which interest them.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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Textbook: Scott and Gelpern, International Finance: Transactions, Policy and Regulation, Foundation Press (18th Ed.) and various selected readings that are available in digital course file.

First Class Readings

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