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Law Prac Mgmt: How to Start&Manage Small Law Firm (LAW-795LP-001)

Meets: 04:00 PM - 05:50 PM (TH) - Room 101

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The following proposed outline is very much a work in progress but is designed to lay the framework for what I think can be a very useful class for our Students. We are all painfully aware of the dire legal market; I read recently in an ABA magazine that this May 52,000 law students graduated into a job pool of fewer than 25,000 jobs. We all keep hearing about the oversupply of lawyers and when it comes to salaried jobs that pay decent wages that is certainly the case. However, that comment ignores a tremendous demand for affordable legal services for poor and middle class Americans. With resources like cloud technology, virtual offices and Google plus, a graduating law student or group of students can start a firm with minimal overhead and provide affordable service to people in need of high quality legal service. Today many students are unwillingly spending their first year out of law school volunteering for firms and offices, struggling to find a way to finance their debts, when many of them could be gaining more practical and paid experience by hanging their own shingle. Additionally, developing a client base may be a more effective way of transitioning into a larger law firm than volunteering.

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