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I P Practice in Federal Agencies (LAW-795IA-001)
James Toupin

Meets: 01:00 PM - 03:50 PM (Tu) - Warren - Room NT03

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This course is designed especially for students who may contemplate a Washington practice involving IP. It surveys how IP agencies are organized and operate, both in how they conform to general principles of administrative law and how they depart from them. It also surveys how IP affects federal agencies whose missions are not principally in IP, both in how those agencies may affect IP policy and practice and how IP principles may affect their operations. While the course's initial focus is on the law governing how the US Patent and Trademark Office and the US International Trade Commission are organized and operate, it includes units specially devoted to the Food and Drug Administration, the Copyright Office and the Copyright Royalty Board, the Federal Trade Commission and the DOJ Antitrust Division, as well as IP in government-sponsored research. The course will also address how the operations and policies of IP agencies are affected by other governmental institutions with overarching responsibilities, including arms of the White House such as the Office of Management and Budget, the US Trade Representative, and the IP Coordinator, as well as Congressional appropriations committees.

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