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Fall 2012
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Hlth Care: Fraud & Abuse: Contracting & Compliance (LAW-719B-001)

Meets: 10:30 AM - 01:10 PM (W) - Room 500

Enrolled: 20 / Limit: 20


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Textbooks and Other Materials

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Legal Issues in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse: Navigating the Uncertainties, Fourth Edition, American Health Lawyers Association, 2012, By: Matyas, Valiant, Christ and Downs.

First Class Readings

Chapter 1 (pgs. 1-20)
Chapter 5 (§5-1 and §5-2 (a-c) pgs. 311-322)
Chapter 6 (§6-1 pgs. 351-353)
Chapter 7 (§7-1 and §7-2 pgs. 385-390)

Available On-Line:
Navigate to the provided links and read the first 10 entries for each (reverse chronological order). Be prepared to discuss in general terms during class:
False Claims


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