Official Rules

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We would like to bring to your attention some important changes to the Competition rules. These changes are based on feedback from teams, judges, and coaches, and are meant to make the Competition experience more fair and enjoyable for all participants. Please note some of the important changes below:

3.1.2 Fee for Current Year

The Team fee for the current Competition is listed in Appendix B. This fee covers the cost of two (2) Competitors and one (1) Coach. If the Team sends a second Coach, the fee will increase by an additional amount (see Appendix B). Teams, observers, and coaches are responsible for paying the wire fees should they choose to pay by bank transfer. If their payment arrives with less than the required amount due to wire transfer fees, the individual or university will be required to pay the difference upon arrival at the Competition.

7.3 Clarifications to Case

Only Participant Teams that have completed their registration (as outlined in Rule 3.1) and registered the names of its Competitors by no later than 5:00 pm EST on the day when Clarification Questions are due (see Appendix A) will be eligible to submit requests of clarifications of points of fact in the case. Each eligible Team may submit in writing up to three (3) requests for clarifications, subject to the submission procedure outlined below in Rule 7.3.2. Clarification requests by Teams that have not registered the names of their Competitors by the aforementioned deadline shall not be answered.

8.5 Format of Memorial

All pages of the Memorial, including the Title Page, shall be in Times New Roman, size twelve (12) font, double-spaced, have one-inch margins, and be set to U.S. letter size paper (8 ½” x 11"). The character spacing should be set to normal (condensed or expanded text will not be accepted). Failure to submit the Memorial in proper format will result in a penalty pursuant to rule 8.8; additionally, Competition organizers will change the format to meet requirements. The Memorial shall not include any tables, charts or images in any section of the document, including the Title Page and the Table of Contents. If a Memorial includes any of the aforementioned elements, they will be removed and/or edited by the Technical Committee.

10.4.1 Rescheduling of Oral Rounds

If the Technical Committee determines that the absent Team missed its scheduled oral round through no fault of its own and that the absence could not have been avoided by the Team Members, the Technical Committee may allow the ex parte proceeding to be scored by the Judges as if they had appeared against the opposing Participating Team, with no penalties. However, in cases where the Technical Committee feels the absence could have been avoided through reasonable precautions on behalf of the Team Members, if the Team is given the opportunity to argue ex parte, the Judges will score the round normally, but the Technical Committee will then deduct 50% of the scores, both for Team and Individual Orator total scores and placement. Whether or not the tardy Team will be given the opportunity to argue ex parte will be determined by the Technical Committee at its sole discretion and based upon the availability of Judges to score the round.

If another round cannot be scheduled, the Team’s score for the missed round will be calculated as follows. For Teams scheduled to participate in two preliminary rounds: the score for the missed round will be the same as the score granted to the Team in the Round in which they participated, minus a 50% deduction. For Teams scheduled to participate in three preliminary rounds: the Technical Committee will average the Team’s scores for the two rounds in which they participated, then apply a 50% deduction to the average score, to arrive at the Team’s score for the Round they missed. These formulas will apply to both Team and Individual Orator total scores.