Edison Lanza

Edison Lanza

Edison Lanza is the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression since October 2014. Professor Lanza graduated from the Law School of the University of the Republic. The Rapporteur has also served as a journalist in various media, has led cases related to the right to freedom of expression before the Inter-American Human Rights System, and has integrated, directed and founded several non-governmental organizations for the defense of the right to freedom of expression. He studied graduate studies on freedom of expression and criminal law at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. Professor Lanza is co-founder of the Center for Archives and Access to Public Information, co-founder of the Media and Society Group, and guest expert on academic projects such as Global Freedom of Expression and Information of Columbia University, Knight Center of the University of Texas and associate professor of American University. Professor Lanza, has taught classes regarding the right to information and communication at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He has been a teacher or guest lecturer at various universities such as the Carlos III University of Madrid, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, the University of the Andes in Colombia, the Catholic University of Lima in Peru, among others. Professor Lanza has participated in dozens of conferences and academic forums on freedom of expression and the right to information in America, Europe, and Asia. He has also offered consultancies to different countries for the development of bills related to access to public information, rights of rectification and response, freedom of expression, and media, among others.

Currently Teaching

Libertad de Expresión (LAW-870-006)

Areas of Specialization

  • International Human Rights/Humanitarian Laws
  • Criminal Law